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Author Topic: Dave Lewis CEO of the year  (Read 11221 times)


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Re: Dave Lewis CEO of the year
« Reply #50 on: 17-04-17, 08:38PM »
Dave is doing good by getting rid of alot of overpaid managers but there is alot of places he is taking it to Drastic levels. In my store delivery can now be sitting over a day before it is worked as the day shift are helping customers and on checkouts and the night crew keep losing bodies which don't get replaced probably pending night closure at a later date. If he is winding down low paid man hours in a 1 millon plus per week store what chances have the rest got. We have went from passing no delivery back to day shift to always passing back 1/2 aisles with the face up getting left.  :thumbdown:
Where is he getting rid of a lot of overpaid managers? I haven't seen evidence of this unless you are referring to the express deputies and I wouldn't describe them as such. All managers are tarred with the same brush on here regardless of the job they do. If your store has ineffective management then you need to look higher up the chain to those who do not manage and managers should be managed just the same as general assistants. Some in my shop work very hard and are committed to doing a good others don't give a monkeys.


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Re: Dave Lewis CEO of the year
« Reply #51 on: 17-04-17, 10:16PM »
Some managers work hard and muck in with their teams to deliver the job; others seem addicted to spending hours a day gazing at their phones. In most stores you could easily cull 50% of the management without impacting operation or service.


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Re: Dave Lewis CEO of the year
« Reply #52 on: 04-05-17, 09:47PM »
I am sorry I have to go and sit in a darkened room.

Lost for words


That is because he has saved a ton for the umbrella corp, successfully installed the new paradigm of 'austerity' and profit making procedures, reduced the riff raff of expensive staff (hypothetically, in their eyes not mine), slapped many families in the face of his adversity. Just like the banks, his job is to rob the masses and increase profit for the ruling class. Whom ever holds the umbrella is happy with his deeds.
Hope you were not in the illusion that they care about you, your families, their purpose is to improve your lot?!


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