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Author Topic: Tesco Staff Benefits  (Read 414801 times)


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #575 on: 21-03-20, 10:26PM »
Definitely says on ourtesco that there is an annual colleague bonus for 19/20 year which will be paid in 29th May pay packet. Go to ourtesco, our benefits, colleague reward and benefits, and all the details for the bonus can be seen there. This is completely seperate to the extra 10% bonus revealed today.

This is for salaried colleagues in stores only.
Ie (managers)


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #576 on: 21-03-20, 10:31PM »
Colleague Bonus Plan 2019/2020: Eligibility
The following colleagues are eligible for the 2019/20 Colleague Bonus Plan:

WL1 & 2 Salaried Colleagues in stores and CFCs.
WL1 & 2 hourly and salaried All Distribution Colleagues.
WL1 & 2 Office Colleagues (including salaried CEC Colleagues, excluding hourly-paid CEC Colleagues).
Each eligible colleague will also need to have:

A minimum of three months’ service at the end of the 2019/20 financial year (23 February 2020).
Joined Tesco on or before 1 December 2019.
Still employed on the payment date of Friday 29 May 2020.


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #577 on: 21-03-20, 11:16PM »
Yeah the bonus for hourly paid colleagues in store was exchanged for the 2 year 10% payrise negotiations.


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #578 on: 21-03-20, 11:36PM »
These 2 bit 2 year pay review con jobs are Dave Lewis's way of distracting you with disingenuous pay rises, showing raises with very optimistic large percentage figures that are only true in very specific scenarios with one hand and taking away your workers rights and staff benefits with the other, not to mention the added shenanigans of delaying when the increases take effect, these 2 year pay reviews actually get delayed more than 12 months for each part of it year on year.

You'd honestly have better hours, more money and generally more competent retail managers outside of food retail, working in other areas of retail such as a phone shop pays better and is less stressful.
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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #579 on: 22-03-20, 02:51AM »
Does anyone know if this new 10% increase on worked hours will be eligible for those on flexi contracts too?


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #580 on: 22-03-20, 10:43PM »
yes as long as you are not on a temp contract. it counts for every flexed hour you do.

Very fair of the company in my opinion 110% pay for every hour you do back dated from 9 march (to be paid in may)

or 100% pay if you have to be off. (corona related)
Alot of moaning on this site about the company but would you want to have a job/ or not have anywhere else just now?


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #581 on: 23-03-20, 02:24AM »
What happens to the bonus if your made redundant in may?  8-)


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #582 on: 23-03-20, 05:00AM »
You don't get the bonus if you are on holiday, you don't get it if you are off sick or in isolation so you won't get it if you have been made redundant and are no longer with the company.


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #583 on: 29-05-20, 10:43AM »
And f****ng managers been braging about bonus to be given to everyone. Now people are p**** off
Its a huge slap in the face (with a brick).


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Re: Tesco Staff Benefits
« Reply #584 on: 29-05-20, 12:06PM »
Unfortunately it did say right from the start that 10% bonus will be paid on hours worked but my friend when the furlough tap is turned off Britain will see one of the worse ressasion in living memory!! How c**p it is its my view the quote goes' you havn't seen nothing yet'


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