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Booking holidays online, has anyone manage it yet?

Started by redeo, 07-06-23, 11:51PM

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Just hand In a let's talk would be my steps for it, just notifying that you've followed the process to have it off and that it's been refused multiple times when it's allowed  - it's then on your file incase they bring it up that you were awol etc.


@andydoe  have you asked your manager why its been refused?id fill a paper one out and hand it in with a copy of holiday policy attached to it or see the store manager
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Quote from: Andydoe on 28-09-23, 01:50PMI've booked boxing day off and new years day in the App twice now and been refused twice all the union says is don't come in but that's not right that our manager won't book it in as a holiday I have even said to our rep is this not a breach of contract that he won't book them off as its written in our contracts that we don't have to work them but still need to book them off .
Are you a union member? If so...why is your rep not taking this to the manager?
Ask for a 1 2 1 with manager and union rep to discuss!
Ring your area union head office and query why you are being denied booking it on the system?
The area office number should be on the back of your union card or on the union notice board!

It's not a case of not turning up, as you will be classed as AWOL! What I'm not understanding here is why you haven't been asked if you're working the B/H's...why is it an assumption that you are?

I personally would print off a copy of my contract highlighting where it states not having to work Boxing Day and New Year's Day and I would staple it to a grievance form on T&C's against your manager or even store...I would also email your area people partner and ask for clarification as to why you are being denied a request on the system  which is in contradiction to your employment contract?

Sherwoodforest and I posted same time, basically saying the same thing
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andydoe are you day staff or night staff?

day staff can book boxing night and new years day off and cant be refused.
night staff boxing night and new years day night are not bank holidays and can be refused.
however on the flip side nights have the option of christmas eve and new years eve off,where day staff do not.


There was also this in the information, so you could argue for the 3 day break too to get the time off..

"Colleagues should be able to get a three day break if they wish to, and can also request through their line
manager to take this at another time (for example end of January)"


How long do managers have to either reject or confirm holiday requests? Is there still a time limit where you can just take them if they've not got back to you? For example, if you requested via the app a month ago and it's still pending even after reminding your manager to have a look?


there is still a time limit of 7 days from requesting

You can also request via a paper form too and 7 days applies.

so the process is if you request via the app at say 7:15pm on October 1st, your manager gets a notification that there is a holiday outstanding, they will get the notification each day apparently? after the 7 days it won't show as authorised yet but it'll ping their manager will get a notification saying it's not been taken care of..

from policies it says it'll sit as requested still until its approved or denied, after 7 days you get it though so on the 8th you speak to your manager.. so being that it's been a month tell them you want it assigning on the system. if need be do this with a lets talk form  so there is a track record for when it comes around and they say your not supposed to be off..

also note too that with the app it timestamps, so if they reject it now and say "it was rejected before the 7 days", you can request colleague help to look at it (if you don't already have screenshots), and they can give you the relevant details and also follow up with the store on why the manager is going rogue on it when there's a trail.


@oldfashioned when trying to state policy,please state factual policy regarding 7 day rule,policy states::::4. How do I request holiday?
Your manager must respond to your request within seven days or you can assume that your request has been authorised (unless your manager is absent when you request the holiday, in which case the seven days will be counted from when they return). Where a manager is expected to be out of the business for more than two weeks, another manager (shift leader in convenience) should be delegated to respond to requests in their absence.
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I didn't say it didn't? Actually I've noted that in previous posts too.. But also that it's been a month, even if the manager has been out of the business they are still entitled to that for being a month... No if's ands or butt's is my argument there to be honest, a month is long enough for a response and in reply to him that he's already tried contacting his manager to sort it...


@oldfashionedplayer you should of just said all that first which is of course correct,but if your going to quote policy for 7 days then quote it all so its factually correct for others that read your reply
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world of their own

Does anyone know what the night shift bank holidays are for this Christmas?



world of their own


It's xmas day, boxing day. It's always the shift going into classed as the bank holiday shift. Its on colleague help under bank holidays


Booking holidays online, it,s become a joke,  trouble is if you give dates you want to book off, only to be told you cant have it off, the trouble is you told to many people off,they need to sought it out by put up a list of what dates are availble in each store.


dont do it online then... hand it in by a form, and with holiday policy they should still talk to you about it and suggest to alternative dates that can be booked instead...


Does anyone know if my manager has not approved my holidays that I have requested online after 7 calendar days of them being in work does this mean I am entitled to having them or can my manager still decline them after 7 days are over?


@keltikking its 7 days from when there in,so if you fill it say monday and there not in till wednesday,then 7 days from wednesday
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There should always be a manager, from policy bit its:

"Your manager must respond to your request within seven days or you can assume that your request has been authorised (unless your manager is absent when you request the holiday, in which case the seven days will be counted from when they return)"

So, if you hand it in on a Monday and they then go away on the Wednesday and won't see you, that's them not planning as they are supposed to hand it to the Shift-leader / shift manager in charge instead while they are off. Least that's what colleague help says if you ask them.

its only if they are out of the business for more than 14 days that they need to delegate someone else, and if you've got more than 1 manager then any of them can accept them.


Quote from: gomezz on 11-06-23, 08:08AMPresumably the HO bod who is is able to sort this does not work so need to wait until tomorrow morning after they have settled down at their desk with a coffee and caught up with office gossip before they start looking at it.
A minor edit, old boy.  ;D


I booked all my holidays for 2024 into 2025 over a month ago online. I was expecting to be off this bank holiday weekend and next week. It turns out that every single one of my holidays have been declined, all of them.
Apparently I must have done it wrong, which if is the case then how come they are in the system legitimately, they were just declined, it doesn't show the date it was declined though, only the day I booked? I don't use an app I only log into PC so no notification of decline that only can be received by app only?
So I now am expected to work over the bank holiday weekend and next week. Surely this is not acceptable. If online booking is this bad then it is unusable.
My manager said it isn't his problem so then who do I turn to?
I feel I should just take the holiday anyway as it used to stand that if no response after a week we automatically are entitled to take the. And this problem is not of my making as I have done what is expected of me and the error is not my fault?

I'm pretty gutted that my Easter weekend and week holiday is void and nothing I can do about it. My plans are ruined  :'(


Personally I think the managers should have individual meetings with each staff member to book holidays to avoid disappointment.


Why? There is a perfectly sufficient app to book holidays on and get notifications back if they are declined or approved.

With the new schedule to workload colleagues should be logging in daily anyway to see where they should work instore

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