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Author Topic: Covid testing for Tesco workers , are we the forgotten workers  (Read 3189 times)


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Does anyone know why Tesco staff have not been offered weekly covid testing kits, as I see a lot of other businesses have done this to protect their staff ,
I’ve had NHS staff ask me if we have testing kits, one lady said at least we know what’s coming into the hospital,(expected covid cases) people coming into Tesco say my son/daughter etc ... have tested positive so I need to come & do a big shop, we are on the frontline of covid keeping everyone fed & I sometime feel like the forgotten workers .


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Its because they DONT want to protect us, they don't want us off work.

grim up north

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And it's as simple as that ^


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Tesco have never ever valued their staff. They get rid when the pound notes dry up,some times legally some times not. The pandemic is an opportunity to make money. When things get back to normal there will be a cull,hours cut,staff not replaced when someone leaves. Forgotten workers no. Numbers to be jiggled about when need be.


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As per email sent out yesterday.

Dear colleagues,
As the pandemic continues to evolve, the Government in England is now encouraging people to be regularly tested for COVID-19. Around 1 in 3 people have coronavirus without displaying any symptoms, therefore regular testing for people with no symptoms will help to find positive cases earlier and break chains of transmission. Many colleagues may already be being tested in the community, for example as a parent of school age children, or through a community testing facility.
The type of tests being used are called lateral flow device tests. They’re free and you get a result 30 minutes after taking the test. Tests will be available for all people living or working in England from Friday 9 April. You can find a local testing centre or order tests to your home address by applying here. We are continuing to work closely with the Government and local authorities on how we can make tests easily available to colleagues, particularly in the instance of any local outbreaks of COVID-19.
Testing is voluntary and people can choose to participate if they wish.
For colleagues in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, we are working with the devolved Government of each nation to understand their plans for this type of testing.
As always, keeping a safe distance from others, maintaining good hygiene and wearing face coverings remain really important as we continue to try and protect ourselves and each other. Please remember that if at any time you have COVID-19 symptoms or feel generally unwell at all – you should stay at home, book a PCR test immediately and not attend work. If anyone in your household has symptoms, or if you are contacted by NHS Test and Trace, you also need to isolate. Please keep your manager informed. If you feel unwell at work, please speak to your manager immediately.
Stay safe and take care.
Chief People Officer


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Got to be seen to be doing something......when In reality they know most employees won't bother to get the tests. If they wanted us tested they would supply stores with the test kits and encourage us to be tested in our working hours.


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