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Author Topic: 12 weeks in a row overtime  (Read 2162 times)


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12 weeks in a row overtime
« on: 16-02-21, 07:46PM »
If you work the same day overtime 12 weeks in a row can you get that day added onto your contract? So if I did Monday over time for 12 weeks in a row do they have to add it to my contract if I ask? Was told by someone who I worked with and they where saying that they do but the left now so dont know where to look to see if its true and so I can show my manager.


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Re: 12 weeks in a row overtime
« Reply #2 on: 17-02-21, 01:09AM »
Your Manager will probably tell you to f*** off because any increase in your contracted attendance will result in an increase in your holiday entitlement (and pay), which is something they will be keen to avoid. If you've signed a flexi contract you're pretty much screwed as management can argue that you have indicated your availability on that day. Just another cost cutting measure by this scumbag company.


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Re: 12 weeks in a row overtime
« Reply #3 on: 17-02-21, 08:43AM »
With new heatmaps due to land after week 3, I doubt any manager will sign off any increase in hours until the effect of these is known. Probably find lots of hours again cut.


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Re: 12 weeks in a row overtime
« Reply #4 on: 17-02-21, 08:48AM »
It used to be 26 weeks but I don’t think even that applies now. It is not that simple now. Increasing contracted hours has to be approved.
If it’s maternity cover a job has to kept, same for any other reason a person might be off for 12 weeks or more. If it’s because someone has left the company it might be that the hours need to be looked at as a whole. If it’s PFS, CSD cash office or checkouts the hours are under review.


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Re: 12 weeks in a row overtime
« Reply #5 on: 17-02-21, 08:17PM »
Do not forget about another thing. Our holiday pay is based on average working hours. It's implemented to protect people on low hours.
So it's another argument to not increase hours.


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Re: 12 weeks in a row overtime
« Reply #6 on: 17-02-21, 08:33PM »
It's a safeguard to prevent exploiting low houred employees (by use of "regular overtime") however, even with this being the case, lower hourly contracted employees have little in the way of legal rights and protection from other forms of exploitation, make no mistake, Tesco (and the Retail industry in general) has made it so it seems they're doing you a favour by providing overtime, overtime is and will always be for the benefit of the business, a low hour contracted employee has no rights to sustained consistent pay which would see them through the month because overtime is only an arrangement for as long as it suits the employer, not the other way around.

Back when workers were more than a resource with an employee number, long hour contracts were more normal and I believe that overtime inherited a premium payment, those were better times though.

Other industries, they thank you for agreeing to do overtime, they would never force you to do it by imposed poverty pay.

The fact is, lesser employee rights works wonders for operationally flexible solution.
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