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Author Topic: Lightfoot speeding  (Read 1989 times)


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Lightfoot speeding
« on: 11-10-20, 10:52AM »
I was given a let's talk this morning for doing 28mph in a 20mph zone. The 20mph zone was one of those recommended black 20's where the actual speed limit is 30mph. I tried explaining that but because Lightfoot said so then I must have been.

Has this happened to anyone else? I feel a bit hard done by since I wasn't speeding and it was strongly implied that if I were to be caught again then it would go to an investigation and likely disciplinary.


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Re: Lightfoot speeding
« Reply #1 on: 27-01-21, 11:44AM »
Been pulled up twice now. Same 28 in a 20. The problem is the road speeds are varying so much in the big city now that it's almost impossible to keep up. Some roads are literally 30/20/30/20 ??? It's a shambles on the roads. With poorly implemented planning. There so many roads which I drive down and think there's no way this should be a 20.

Throw in the vans tendency for the speed to creep up and they're seeing far more drivers going over now than ever!


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Re: Lightfoot speeding
« Reply #2 on: 27-01-21, 03:15PM »
This would be grievance worthy I suspect, as Customer Delivery Drivers, part of your responsibilities are dynamic risk assessments, if the recommended but not actual speed limit is 20 but actual is 30, then you're well within your legal remit to go 30, I would make the point that the Lightfoot software is faulty and in the grievance put if this were to go before a judge it wouldn't be deemed as a good enough reason for dismissal due to the probability of faulty software that lightfoot has.


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Re: Lightfoot speeding
« Reply #3 on: 08-02-21, 10:53PM »
Let them discipline you let them sack you go to a tribunal and then watch them try to explain why you were sacked for not speeding.

That is of course so long as you were not driving down the road as the 20mph limit was in place.