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04-03-21, 04:28PM

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Author Topic: Face Masks  (Read 64688 times)


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Re: Face Masks
« Reply #400 on: 18-11-20, 01:40PM »
i queried the removal of masks at 12pm on nights when customers left. I asked if they thought staff could not spread it between themselves but unfortunately there were that many moans and groans and people who came up with pathetic excuses not to wear them my resistance was futile. This week there are a dozen off 2 testing positive and loads having to self isolate because of contact tracing. You'd have thought this may have been a wake up call but NO in fact some are now downloading the track n trace app as they feel they are missing out, even projecting when's best time to try and get pinged so as to have christmas off. One guy actually hugged someone who had just got the message to islolate laughing and joking that he hoped he too will now get a message :(       


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Re: Face Masks
« Reply #401 on: 18-11-20, 01:47PM »
Going to post the scientific paper that backs that info up? Or is it a case of “my mate Dave down the pub told me”

No scientific paper. I'm referring to news reports about WHO advice from back in march when we were asking why we weren't being told to wear masks from the start.

I said last I heard, not last scientific paper I read but it feels like you're really saying you don't agree with me when all I'm saying is I'm surprised more people haven't raised the issue of the effectiveness of masks.