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Author Topic: Staff Discount Usage Correct?  (Read 2274 times)


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Staff Discount Usage Correct?
« on: 27-04-20, 03:59PM »
Checking this link, is your usage for this month looking correct? My bank tells me I've spent 700 quid in Tesco this month but my discount suggests (at 15pc) that I've spent 1400!


I'm prepared to accept that my maths is wrong but isn't 15pc of 700, 105 quid. So why have I only got £790 left....

Found it easy to check this month since everything has had to be bought on card.


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Re: Staff Discount Usage Correct?
« Reply #1 on: 27-04-20, 10:09PM »
Have you bought much clothing at all? Discount on that is 50% at the moment so that can easily eat into your allowance.

On a related note, I do like how the 15% discount is shown as a benefit when our allowance remains exactly the same for the year. It’s not actually costing Tesco any more to give us the extra 5% - just means we burn through the allowance quicker...


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Re: Staff Discount Usage Correct?
« Reply #2 on: 28-04-20, 02:51AM »
Not everyone gets close to using all discount. I tend to have used about half when we get to the end and it's about to be reset. The extra discount on clothes benefits me, I buy for my grandchildren and myself and I do most of my shopping where I work.
The discount benefits families much more then it does single people households.


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Re: Staff Discount Usage Correct?
« Reply #3 on: 28-04-20, 12:01PM »
Has the OP got to the bottom of this yet?
The other question - in addition to the Clothing question - is whether there is a second card holder and the OP has not taken account of their spend.

Also, their maths is "slightly" out - but as they say not to the extent of the gap.

So, if they are saying that their actual spend from their bank to Tesco is £700 - then the "pre discount spend" would be in the region of £830 - and 15% of £830 being £124.50- so net spend
roughly £700

Therefore, discount used of £124 and remaining should be £876 (and not £790).


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Re: Staff Discount Usage Correct?
« Reply #4 on: 17-05-20, 03:00PM »
What is happening with all these posts that keep getting put up? It’s getting really bad now

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