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Author Topic: Sickness policy  (Read 7378 times)


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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #25 on: 07-11-20, 08:32PM »
You were wrong to leave no matter how sick  without Informing your manager or duty manager personally But  when you did your welcome back you should have been told that it was going to investigation/disciplinary  and then been given a letter for a meeting and offered a union rep .  It can not be a case of going in and being sacked without proper process .


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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #26 on: 07-11-20, 09:03PM »
If you have the Sick Phone number then ringing that should get you in touch with Duty to let them know you need to go home.
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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #27 on: 08-11-20, 06:07PM »
I went from dotcom to produce,
 I have been there 3months as I have received my colleague clubcard
I thought going from dotcom to produce it meant I was permanant plus when I log into Tesco website it says peemenant
but duty manager has it down that I am only temporary or some reason,. When I moved departments I was made to go into the diary and write my holidays in and they have been confirmed as I received the little slip of paper to say my holidays on it.
Sickness I had was vomitting and diarrhea on the Friday night, done everything correct by phoning in sick to be told by the duty manager that I had to go in to work so I followed orders and went in to work.


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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #28 on: 09-11-20, 05:46AM »
that is disgusting. you rang in sick with plenty of notice, it should be honoured that you were telling the truth at that point of contact. they have to investigate why you were told to specifically come in when you in fact followed process to advise the store that you are unwell. don't back down. good luck.


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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #29 on: 14-11-20, 11:27AM »
as usual, tesco policies not overly opaque and clear.

So quick question:

Company sick pay is a top up to SSP to mean the employee gets their contracted pay whilst off sick.

My question is:

What counts towards contracted pay?

If I am contracted on a Sunday - will I get my Sunday premium as part of CSP?
Also, if I am in a store which pays location pay, is that also included?

Many thanks


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Re: Sickness policy
« Reply #30 on: 14-11-20, 11:47AM »
2 things, firstly shouldn't it be transparent not opaque, as opaque would imply you can't see through the process.

Secondly, If you're contracted sunday your weekly calculated pay will take into consideration the sunday premium, you should be able to request a copy of your employment contract and see the weekly amount for yourself, if you do the calculation of your core hours and sunday or night premium it should add up to the amount shown on the contract. That means that your company sick pay should include the premiums.

I'm however not sure on location pay, but you can find out by requesting a copy of your contract and doing some calculations on the weekly pay part of the contract.
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