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Author Topic: when is a reasonable request by store manager not reasonable  (Read 2855 times)


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in dot com we have clear procedures to be as efficient as possible.

there are sometimes more personal shoppers than any other colleagues in store.
our replen is shocking.
deliveries turn up late, then 2 people on fresh in morning to turn the whole lot.

I believe personal shoppers shouldn't be going into the back to get stock off cages.( every day not a one off)
the store manager asks the shoppers ( more like tells them) to go to warehouse when shelves havent been filled.

if this is against a process , is it reasonable


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Of course you should go into the back to get stuff if it isn't on the shelf. That's not against any process. The store manager is well within their rights to tell you to do that. Yes it's a pain in the ass but you need to give your customers their shopping or soon you won't have any. No customers means no job so it's in your interests to do it. Try to be a little more circumspect.
All that said if it's happening all the time then management aren't doing their jobs and you should be jumping up and down about it.


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yes absolutely with you 100% customers are out jobs, no argument.

our pick rate as a team isn't as good as it has been.
we dont talk, we are efficient,

we are going in the back more.
deliveries are late
sometimes not enough man power to work cages.
vans have to go out

as a team we have been told off by sd as our pick rate has dropped.
we have been retrained on new training.

it isn't fair


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If you're being told to go into the back to search for your own stock then surely they have to disregard pick-rate. They can't have it both ways.

This is where the union reps need to speak to store management and tell them to forget about judging performance based on pick-rate until they're putting the shop floor staff in place to get those products on the shelf where they're supposed to be picked from.

Absolutely fine if they want you to pick from the warehouse, but they can't reasonably expect you to hit pick-rate in such circumstances.


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I don't see any issue with the request personally, if an item isn't on the shelf and you know that there's only 2 people struggling to work a whole departments delivery then you should go into the back to check. Not only does this mean customers get what they want but it reduces the pressure on the 2 workers.

You've to realise that if there's only 2 people on, then not everything will be on the shelf, it's a fact of life.


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I thought the point of the Urban Fulfillment Centre plan was to avoid these sort of conflicts arising between dot com and cas.

Paupers wage

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I am a driver but even if I were an experienced picker I would struggle to know where to look in our relatively small warehouse for a a particular item that was not on the shelf!  :o
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