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Author Topic: MYSHIFT  (Read 25012 times)


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« Reply #25 on: 16-03-20, 04:55AM »
MyShift has no correlation with pay. Speak to your manager ir you have concerns about your hours but dont even worry abour what MyShift says


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« Reply #26 on: 15-11-20, 08:08PM »
Hi I am a new worker. I don’t fully know what I am doing in terms of the online programmes for workers.

I was given an introduction and told about certain things but nobody really showed me how to use the apps, or even how to download them. I have heard the other colleagues talking about info etc. I would like to download it (mainly to see where certain products are located for customers) but I don’t have a Tesco email to sign up for it.

What I would like to do is find out how to see my shifts. I know that I work the same hours every week but I would like to see where this is. I have an our Tesco account and an employee number.

There isn’t any hours listed on there. So how do I find this out?

Sorry to sound naive.
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« Reply #27 on: 15-11-20, 09:25PM »
Good evening.

You're not naïve at all. I don't know when it'll come down but your manager needs to check the Users report on G/H Drive (they'll need to access Stores Desktop) and you'll have a @tes5co.com email address and temporary password.

If you head to colleague.ourte5co.com (replace the 5 with s) you'll then be asked to enter your temporary password then create a new one.

In future you'll head to colleague.ourte5co.com and on their you'll use the myShift tile to be able to see what hours/days you're working. The hours shown have breaks deducted already.

It's worth pointing out it's only 100% accurate if your manager has used the tablet to put any shifts/overtime/time off in-so it's only reliable if they are reliable  :D.

To use Inform if you use the search facility on VLH you'll be able to find out how to get sorted-you'll need your @te5co.com email address and password to access it.


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« Reply #28 on: 21-11-20, 11:04PM »
Myshift seems to be playing up recently or is this management input being wrong? I often pick up 4hr shifts on overtime and myshift has them down at 3.75hrs... I have always understood that 4hr shifts do not have a break in them.

Also some departments just don't bother inputting data into it eg checkouts and PFS do in my store, services never do it.


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« Reply #29 on: 21-11-20, 11:15PM »
Under 4 hours is no break, 4 hours is 15 mins, so if you do a 4 hour shift you'll be down as a 15 min break, meaning if your working thst 15 mins your free to tesco for it, work shifts of 3.75 hours or get them to exception it to 4 hours and also backdate with a pay query for all overtime you've done.  It's all in the working hours policy.


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« Reply #30 on: 22-11-20, 11:35AM »
I have worked so many 4 hour shifts and been told you don't get a break and indeed when on departments which allocate breaks (e.g. checkouts) no break relief is written down for you. although I keep a record of my hours in my diary and have not been underpaid so far. will query next week.
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« Reply #31 on: 22-11-20, 11:46AM »
If you work dotcom, then a 4hr shift is paid 4hrs. Only if you work over 4hrs are you deducted a break.


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« Reply #32 on: 09-01-21, 10:54PM »
We should not tannoy them by full name but we can tannoy Susan to the CSD or a colleague from Non-Food.
Sorry, I see this is almost a year old, but looking through help centre etc to find where it states this? Can you help please?