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Author Topic: How is the store sickness percentage worked out ?  (Read 2887 times)


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Good evening, When someone is off sick from work on say a 9hour shift is it treated the same as say a 4hour shift or is the percentage based on the amount of hour's rather than the days that they have been absent. Thanks


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Re: How is the store sickness percentage worked out ?
« Reply #1 on: 07-01-20, 11:55PM »
if you're on a full shift and go home sick after half way or so, then usually it's not put on your record as far as I know, it's still put down with a welcome back, the main thing is that it's worked out based on the amount of days you work, so someone doing 2 days a week needs about 2.5 shifts being off, so a 3rd shift is 3% meaning need an absent review meeting, although what came to light recently was that any overtime you do is taken into account, so that can put you back under, so if your contracted 2 days a week and work 5 days due to 3 days overtime, then your % should be calculated as though you're working a 5 day week not 2 days when it flags as the 3% review marking and requires that review.


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Re: How is the store sickness percentage worked out ?
« Reply #2 on: 08-01-20, 07:00AM »
Percentages and number of absences are calculated but only as a guide. It should never automatically trigger a meeting.
For example, you have had a chest infection and it's a blip in your absence history. You are normally good. You have kept in contact and have not required any additional support when you have come back to work. There is no value to holding a meeting so even though your absence is over the 3% there is no meeting.

Likewise, you have a very erratic history of absence. There seems to be a trend with a sick day going into your holiday. Your percentage is below but a meeting can be held to review the trend.
If you have had cancer, been off work for a while so your percentage is high. You have kept in contact. Had wellness meetings at home or work. Your manager has discussed/planned your return to work prior to you coming back to work. Again, no point in meeting if you have a full support plan in place.

You may feel you are not being treated the same as others. Firstly, what is said is done behind closed doors and you should never know. Even if somebody talks they may not say the whole truth. As a former rep I have heard colleagues tell people nothing happened and they told managers etc but the reality was they had been issued with a warning.


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Re: How is the store sickness percentage worked out ?
« Reply #3 on: 08-01-20, 11:33AM »
Absence is calculated based on hours not number of days.

Action is taken based on individual situation. Someone with bad record may have discpilinary meeting with 4% absence but someone who was badly ill and end up with 50% absence will only have Welcome back meeting as its just one off situation and theirs record is spotless.

PS. @oldfashionedplayer .... where you have that info about OT being included into calculation


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Re: How is the store sickness percentage worked out ?
« Reply #4 on: 08-01-20, 02:50PM »
Had the information told with union, store manager agreed on it too, apparently it's been the case for the past few years after a change due to equality, (could of used that before, but only recently has it helped in my situations and some colleagues) since it's unfair not to include the overtime you've worked and only your contracted days, however overtime sickness doesn't affect your ratio % either... but constant of it can flag  to be refused... it's weird way of looking at it.. also from the reviews had and been in with.

Hours worked rather than days, my mistake - The absence review level is 3% of your contractual working
hours or three separate occasions of sickness absence in
any rolling 26 week rolling period.

- Should still flag up though about attendance review when worked out, but like it says in policy bit of a reasonable adjustment for it, had someone who was off for 6 weeks, came back with a high absence, they were forced to do reviews each time.. with managers complaining about the process cause it wasn't needed but had been told to do it anyhow.


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Re: How is the store sickness percentage worked out ?
« Reply #5 on: 21-03-20, 01:40PM »
i've been gone from Tesco for 3 years, but this is how it used to be unless its changed...

say you are full time, and are off for 4 days, that is 30 hours
Your contracted hours for 26 weeks are 949 hours.

Percentage is calculated at Amount of hours off sick / Total contracted hours in 26 week period x 100
so, 30/949x100=3.16%, which would trigger an ARIM


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Re: How is the store sickness percentage worked out ?
« Reply #6 on: 09-06-20, 04:12PM »
Struggling to find how I create a new post here so I'm diving in to someone else's. Sorry.

I returned to work Tuesday 2nd June, had my return to work, told I'll be having a ARM, but heard nothing since and it's not the 9th June. Are they out of process?


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Re: How is the store sickness percentage worked out ?
« Reply #7 on: 09-06-20, 05:27PM »
You need to become a member supporter to start a new thread, however...

It's an 8 day process, so if you returned last Tuesday, then it would need to be completed by the end of your shift today...if it isn't then it's out of process. So if you haven't completed your shift for today, keep your head down, say nowt and hopefully you'll get out of there without them remembering.
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