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Author Topic: Options / becoming a manager  (Read 9125 times)


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Re: Options / becoming a manager
« Reply #50 on: 23-09-20, 02:34PM »
About 15 years ago was the time to be on options at Tesco. Any old ratbag with the IQ of an ant could put themselves forward for it and actually manage to get a management job at the end of it if they persevered enough. That's why Tesco has such a large amount of 'quality' managers in place at the moment.

Not saying the odd person can't make from GA to manager through the options programme nowadays but it'll take a whole load more time and work and/or knowing the right people. If you manage to get to the end of the process you'll then maybe find that there aren't actually any managers jobs going anymore as, well, there aren't going to be that many available managers jobs anymore.

And then just when you think there's an available managers job coming.....they'll parachute in the kid from the graduate scheme who's never done a days work in retail in their lives.

Good luck with it all though :)


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Re: Options / becoming a manager
« Reply #51 on: 23-09-20, 03:32PM »
The convenience area manager of my old group has a new system in place, I'm unsure if the new process is company wide or just one she's made up, but after an incident where a highly paid SM put forward someone to be options express SM, and in the first month racked up 20 grievances after being put in a "training store" (I prefer the term special store) she not only stepped him back down to shift leader but also changed the process of internal promotions, past shift leader, a Store Manager can no longer put you forward for promotion, candidates must now seek out the roles and interview for them off their own back.

That is not to say that the AM in question won't have any influence over the decision making (in my view, she's turned down too many meritocratically suitable candidates for me to give any credence to Tescos selection process.)

With this being the case, it is common practice for options SMs to be placed on options for an excessively long period of time to save cost, there are no guarantees of promotion or development (proper development, not the mickey mouse development the current matey boy SMs give you.) All it is is a carrot on a stick to get more out of you for an extra grand a year if that, don't bother doing it.
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Re: Options / becoming a manager
« Reply #52 on: 24-09-20, 07:07AM »
Options is being pushed at the moment. Just be aware that depending on where you live there are very few jobs going but I suspect a shuffle could be on the way next year. Becoming a manager is not about doing your old job on extra money with just issuing a few tasks to others. It can be a good or bad experience depending on your store. It also has to be self driven and self motivated so to a large extent what you get out of it is up to you.


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Re: Options / becoming a manager
« Reply #53 on: 24-09-20, 09:47AM »
Two of my friends in my store were told yesterday that the SM wants to start them up on the Options journey. They have a meeting about it on Friday. This is something I think I'd be interested in in future. Any advice on what the whole process involves and what you get out of it along the way please?

This isnt the best forum to be asking that question in all honesty.  There are a lot of helpful posters who can share information not readily available or who can advise in circumstances involving misinformation from poorly trained managers or colleagues. There is a new options pack on colleague help that you can look at. 

Ordinarily you are nominated by your manager who puts you forward for sign on to the programme.  At a talent and resource meeting (managers and people partners from convenience and large stores in your local area meet every few months) your nomination is discussed and you are usually put onto the program.

Tesco will tell you that the program is self driven, this is true to an extent but you won't get to where you want to be on your own. 

You learn the technical knowledge for team manager through workshops and e learning.  Once you have completed the training the next stage is your placement.  This can be a 12-26 week placing of you in a team manager role.  You should have regular reviews throughout the placement until it ends and you are either signed off as a manager and await appointment into a role or the programme ends and you come off the programme.

I believe you now receive a percentage of the pay for that role during placement, eg the job pays 23k you get 20k pro rata for the time during your placement.  Get this confirmed though. 

My advice would be to apply for a shift leader/team support position and do the options programme from that position as the jump from customer assistant to team manager can be quite a leap.

The expansion plan for the next few years is very aggressive mainly in England so there may be opportunities for shift leader/team manager/express store manager. 

Good luck.


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Re: Options / becoming a manager
« Reply #54 on: 24-09-20, 04:01PM »
I know an SM who has been on options for over a year, they move her store to store without increasing pay, a lot of the time, promises of sign off are dependent on the position being available which means waiting for a manager to quit, which could be a long time.

I would say if you really want to get promoted to Team Manager and beyond then the graduate scheme is the best way, £28k starting salary, advertised fast track to Express SM in 18 months and the process has more checks and balances in their governance system than the one of options scheme, the options scheme which offers a vastly lower salary, no promises of progression and being ruled by a psuedo-dictator.

As someone who was on the options scheme for 2 years running nights at a fuel site 1 on 1, got bullied and transferred only to be replaced by a full fledged shift leader and an additional ca, it's an extremely flawed process.


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Re: Options / becoming a manager
« Reply #55 on: 25-09-20, 12:26AM »
I got signed off in March this year, then we went into lock down.  When I returned at the beginning of August I was told that because of a ‘soft structure change’ I couldn’t be apportioned at the store - despite the fact that I had been managing the department since Nov. 19, before lock down.

I have also been told that there are no management jobs in my area.

I was asked to go on secondment for 6 months on nights at an Extra & only be paid an extra £209 per week / night premium of £2.95 on top of my contracted hours of 32 hours per week. The starting hourly rate for a newly appointed team manager is £12.95 per hour.

I’m only earning an extra £50 per week give or take.  With the added stress & extra Unpaid hours it isn’t really worth it.  I’m thinking of stepping down already. At least I’ll get paid for the extra hours that I do & I’ll get a break.  Tesco really has gone to the dogs & being a team manager is for mugs.
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