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Author Topic: Delivery into communal flats  (Read 4833 times)


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Re: Delivery into communal flats
« Reply #25 on: 14-08-20, 12:42PM »
Not a flat with a communal entrance, but I had a similar one the other day - the delivery was to a business, and there was no external doorbell - just one at the opposite end of a room to the (open) entrance door.  With Covid in mind and coupled to the current procedures around delivering to businesses, I deduced the safest thing all round was to leave the tray liners at the point of entry to the building and give them a call to say it was there - a procedure I’ve used at multiple addresses and which multiple customers have been extremely grateful for. 

Unfortunately, the receptionist at this particular business has always had her own way of wanting to do things... in the past she’s wanted us to take the trays down some corridors and into one of the other rooms, and stand there while she unpacks everything one tray at at time and ticks everything off on her list as she goes.  We’ve frequently been there in excess of 10 minutes whilst she does this - on multiple occasions a driver has offered to help unpack, but she’s insisted that she has to unpack herself as she needs to tick everything off.  She’s also been told about the timescales we have to work to, but is still insistent that she has to do it her way.

On this occasion, I called and explained that due to the current situation regarding Covid, I was unable to enter the building, but the shopping was at the entrance for them.  Her response was a curt “Oh.  Well the last driver brought it in.”  I politely explained that he really shouldn’t have due to the situation, and her next response was a very sharp and rude “Well you’ll have to come back for your trays then.”  I replied that it was in bags, not trays - and she hung up.  I of course reported this back to store immediately.

Aren’t some people charming?!


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Re: Delivery into communal flats
« Reply #26 on: 14-08-20, 06:50PM »
Thats the standard response by awkward customers, 'the last driver did it'.


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Re: Delivery into communal flats
« Reply #27 on: 14-08-20, 10:58PM »
How about replying to that with "The last driver didn't last!"   :D
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