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Author Topic: USDAW's policy regarding personal injury whilst on company time?  (Read 2402 times)


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What is the view of the union regarding CDD's who are injured whilst attempting deliveries to customers?
For example,
1/  CDD leaves van, and whilst walking to the customers house, slips and injures themselves.
They were not on the customers property, and were not in the van.
Are they covered by Tesco or not?

2/  Are they covered for injury by Tesco whilst IN a customers house?  Or does the CDD have to make a claim from the customers insurance?

None of the above involve me, I am just curious to see what the unions view is.


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My personal opinion and belief is that whilst they are "clocked on" to carry out their role by Tesco, they are covered by Tesco for injuries sustained whilst performing their contracted job description. Unless Tesco can, (and they will certainly try) prove that the employee was negligent in not performing their role in some way, by not following procedures or contributing to the cause of the injury :-X

The current timescale for claims going through was 3 years in my old store, and Tesco dragged their heels every step of the way, in each case trying to put the onus on the colleague, that they failed to take due care and attention when performing their task!

My advice for anyone sustaining an injury in a customers home, would be to make sure they broke something whilst sustaining the injury, as once Tesco compensate the customer for the damage, they're admitting liability.

 8-) that's my thoughts on the above scenarios, but I could be hugely mistaken, as it's not something I've ever dealt with?

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