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Author Topic: Colleague shop purchases  (Read 10627 times)


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Re: Colleague shop purchases
« Reply #25 on: 11-06-20, 02:32AM »

I have vague memories of reading that the club card method was a temporary measure, as the system wasn't originally designed for something like colleague shop in mind.

And then a few months after that,  there was an update basically saying you no longer had to scan the colleague shop items.

Hope that's the case, otherwise I've been doing some amount of "stealing" since then.


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Re: Colleague shop purchases
« Reply #26 on: 11-06-20, 02:51AM »
Still need scanning at our place even as recent as Thursday, has to have the CS in the corner and scan your colleague card otherwise it isn't marked as free on the receipt - got stung from that once when I forgot my colleague card.
You don't scan stuff in the staff room or canteen as far as I know only stuff from the reduction areas.
Added a receipt picture if you're curious.



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Re: Colleague shop purchases
« Reply #27 on: 11-06-20, 03:13AM »
Jeez now I'm curious, it's not something I would use all that much, but we certainly don't need to scan it.

Nvm, I read your last part about staff rooms, didn't realise there was a difference between that any other colleague shop stuff, shows how much I use it.
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Re: Colleague shop purchases
« Reply #28 on: 11-06-20, 05:38AM »
The official way is it goes through checkouts with your clubcard but theres still an option on the PDAs.


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Re: Colleague shop purchases
« Reply #29 on: 11-06-20, 06:44AM »
Hi there, i'm not sure if anyone will see this but i have a question regarding the cs discount after 9pm...

As of recently after 9pm i go to the store and see whats in the bargain area after taking a few items with a CS label, i go to pay (get for free) and when the items i have should be free for me as i am a worker at tesco and have been for a year now i see that i am being charged for these reduced items that should be free. i thought there was no limit on how often you could get the item and how much value you could receive from them? why am i getting charged? thing is it's not like it's full price of the reduction it's a completely random value somewhat lower than the total should be. BUT either way these should be FREE no?

So there are 2 types of colleague shop products, relevant to every store in every format.
The first is an item that has been through the reduction process during THAT day, this would remain on sale to customers and after 9pm, if scanned through the toll with a colleague clubcard should be discounted to FREE. It must have CS on the label in the corner, now, if it’s an item from the previous day accidentally left on the shelf, it won’t work. It must be that days stock and have been reduced about 3 times, and will be sitting at 75% off at 9pm.
The other type is when an item dated today is found late at night and gets reduced. This item will be on sale but won’t have CS on the label as the correct reduction process hasn’t been followed. In order for a colleague to take these home free, they need to be “scanned in” to Colleague Shop and a brand new Colleague Shop barcode attached to them. These can be taken home by anyone and will be in a back area/canteen/warehouse.
Additionally, if you are working late, and are new, and don’t have a colleague clubcard, this is the way that a manager can scan items dated for today after 9pm and label them To allow you to take them, as you won’t have a colleague clubcard yet.


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Re: Colleague shop purchases
« Reply #30 on: 11-06-20, 12:21PM »
So 24 hour stores get it from 9pm and those who close at midnight get it at 11pm... Seems fair.

The ‘one hour before closing’ part usually applies to Sunday and Bank Holiday, otherwise it’s fixed at after 9pm, no matter the closing time


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Re: Colleague shop purchases
« Reply #31 on: 21-06-20, 04:14PM »
Is there official policy written somewhere on the “colleague shop”?


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Re: Colleague shop purchases
« Reply #32 on: 21-06-20, 10:57PM »
Last thing I read you can shop the college shop before you start , during your break or at the end of your shift. And its live 1 hour before closing time.  You have to scan at a checkout using you discount card.  Manager in our store sent out a note to everyone as a few were abusing it , being greedy.


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