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Author Topic: Aldi's  (Read 10351 times)


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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #25 on: 30-03-16, 07:11PM »
A Charming security guard followed me all the way around my newly-opened Aldi store when I recently visited, although in his defence, I was wearing a coat with rather large pockets and wasn't donning my  slave Tesco lanyard so I'll spare him a kick in the gonads on this occasion. I asked a young lady whether they sold fresh pasta but she could only inform that they had 'stuff' life antepasto on the fresh shelves so I left her presence with a nod and a smile (bless her IQ).

Apart from that minor blip, I found the place quite a pleasurable experience compared to to Lidl's and much cheaper than the top four. Their beef slow roasting joint was not only exceptional value but had little gristle taboot. Apparently, it is from some farm somewhere but at the price it was far cheaper than Tesco's own brand of Old Mcdonald's farm beef.

Peace out and have a lovely week both Dick Drastically and Mattley.

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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #26 on: 30-03-16, 08:36PM »
Fill up your trolley very neat and tidy for the staff to throw it back at you as they scan it come on they don't even give you eye contact no hello just want to get thru to next customer and now their poisoining you. I love the eye contact the chat the club card the coupons. Love the interaction from our tesco checkout chicks long may we rein  (-*-)


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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #27 on: 30-03-16, 08:53PM »
Call me.... I see it entirely the other way.
Often I get more recognition from Lidl or Aldi checkout staff. Undoubtedly they scan faster than Tesco staff and are far less likely to be chatting to the neighbouring till operator.
My recent visits to Tesco have both had long delays at the checkout caused by people searching for coupons and then the till operator having to process the coupons.
As to your post, I guess you meant "Reign", although when in the context of some Tesco staff "rein" may be more appropriate.


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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #28 on: 30-03-16, 09:16PM »
Years ago when profits  in Tesco were high.... cashiers used to be managed on thru put (ie had to scan x number of items a hour).....now you can scan as slow as you want.....and profits are down yet the supermarkets that scan fast have rising profits.


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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #29 on: 30-03-16, 09:25PM »
People  shop more at Aldi ,lidl and even Iceland basically because its cheaper and in a lot of cases better quality (often cheaper even taking into consideration our staff discount) and now that my double time is being cut as one of a number of cost cutting measures  ill be shopping there more .


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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #30 on: 30-03-16, 09:34PM »
I personally dislike shopping in other Tescos. I find the cashiers to be slightly offhand, and regularly lack eye contact, through no fault of their own, I may add.

Cashier....."would you like help packing?"
 Thinks.....please don't say yes!! Avoid eye contact!

Me.....no thanks

Cashier.....audible sigh, half a smile.
Thinks.....now rehearse, "do you have any coupons you want to use? Brand guarantee. You've saved X amount today, and any other c**p they want us to say or push today!!

Cashier......shouts "go and start filling on till one love,get someone there to you in a bit"


Cashier......that's X amount please

Me .......thanks


Me....thanks bye

Jobs a good un, in and out, saved loads, and no long well rehearsed speech.

Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #31 on: 30-03-16, 09:43PM »
Not forgetting the 'thanks for letting me barge in front of you with my small loaded basket while you were busy trying to unload your trolley-full of shopping onto the belt' ;D

'Oh it's ok you tw**', says the incumbent customer

'Thanks again' says I, as I wander off with daggers in my back wishing that there was a self-service till I could do battle with just like a real Soopermarcedo.

Serving Tesco's ex- shoppers a LIDL better every day


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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #32 on: 29-07-17, 08:50AM »
Nomad ( Forum Admin )
It's better to be up in arms than down on your knees.


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Re: Aldi's
« Reply #33 on: 29-07-17, 09:42AM »


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