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Can MM be USDAW reps without conflict, or does it depend on the individual carrying out the role ?

9 (11.5%)
35 (44.9%)
34 (43.6%)

Total Members Voted: 40

Voting closed: 01-03-12, 10:04AM

Author Topic: MM/USDAW Reps.  (Read 16170 times)

Yin Yang

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Re: MM/USDAW Reps.
« Reply #25 on: 12-02-12, 05:51PM »
A manager being a rep for non managerial staff is slightly worrying for said manager if nothing else.
Scenario, manager represents a lower role employee, as part of process the rep highlights failures (which is usually the norm) in process leading up to representation, so you now have a rep (Manager) highlighting and drawing attention to the failures of his fellow managers or his senior managers.
That's gonna go down well, and considering how dispensable a Manger is compared to the average Jo, I'm surprised anyone would want to do it. Highlighting your managers (who does your review) failings or the Manager you will need support from at another time and that won't influence the way they would represent???? 
Pull the other one !!!! They have orange vests not halos.


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Re: MM/USDAW Reps.
« Reply #26 on: 14-09-12, 08:04PM »
As an USDAW rep and a new options candidate I have given this matter some thought previously and have decided that as all reps ought to be elected that after sign off, I ought to step down as a rep and have an election held where I would run again. If the members want me to be their rep I'm more than happy and confident I would maintain the impartiality needed to represent them.

I only hope that others would do the same.


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Re: MM/USDAW Reps.
« Reply #27 on: 21-10-12, 06:22PM »
Tend to see this question the other way round - Can an USDAW rep be mm?  Personally I think a good rep would be a bloody good manager.  Re the partnership agreement, there should be no conflict - in terms of GOOD management the same.  That naivety is a choice by the way, not a lack of understanding lol. 


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Re: MM/USDAW Reps.
« Reply #28 on: 21-10-12, 06:47PM »
Yes. After standing down.


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Re: MM/USDAW Reps.
« Reply #29 on: 22-10-12, 01:36PM »
 :) get the arguments against totally - as I said I see the question the other way round - not would I like my rep to be a manager, but would I like my manager to be a rep.  Tho' I supose I am thinking of people with a passion for trade unionism rather than those who take on the role cos it looks good when you're on options.  A good rep is a good rep whatever, and a lousey one will be lousey whatever job they do - we've all met them.


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