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Author Topic: Lifestyle Breakl  (Read 36252 times)

Tesco bird

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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #50 on: 05-03-15, 06:16PM »
Known people to to it for health reasons. Manger was happy too as they got someone else to pick up that day temporarily. (-*-)

Perpetually disappointed

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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #51 on: 06-03-15, 11:51AM »
Thanks Tesco bird. I spoke to personnel and was granted a month of dropping one day, it's not enough really but it's for study. I'm gonna fail my course at this rate. I'm hoping they may extend it if I beg and plead  (-*-)

Barnacle Bill 4870

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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #52 on: 14-04-15, 01:05PM »
I'm currently on a Lifestyle Break and just have one worry regarding the SAYE scheme.

I've heard it will restart when I return, but I've also heard it will cancel if no payment is made in a 6-week period. Does anyone know which, if any, of these statements are true?

I have looked through terms and conditions but not been able to find any information. Any help is much appreciated.


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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #53 on: 14-04-15, 02:30PM »
6 months I think. There is a suspension form on, I think, the our benefits website and I recollect that's what it says.
The wording is a bit ambiguous but I also have the recollection of seeing it in the T&C though I have just noticed that the T&C that I can currently find relate to the S. Ireland and probably not the UK. I don't know if T&C where I have previously seen this were for the UK or S' Ireland


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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #54 on: 18-04-15, 05:01PM »
On the "our tesco" site, there is a link to a leaflet called
"Time for you"
If you download that, it will give you most of the details of all breaks/time off that you may need.
It also has on the site, the form 2.11.5 "leave Request Form" that you fill in to formally request the
lifestyle/ career break/adoption time etc etc etc.
Hope that helps.


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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #55 on: 23-04-15, 11:06AM »
Does anyone know if you have to give a reason when applying for a lifestyle break?

I don't want to go travelling or anything, just want some time to sort my life out a bit and maybe do some volunteer work but have previously been told I woldn't be allowed one for those reasons.


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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #56 on: 23-04-15, 11:38AM »
Whoever told you that is speaking out there ar@e. As long as you fall into the criteria ie satisfactory performer , at least 1 years service and good absence in previous year and give a min 4 weeks notice then you should be fine.


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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #57 on: 30-06-15, 12:45PM »

Can you get a lifestyle break if someone else on your section is currently on one?

Can you work elsewhere in the break?

Do you have to say why you want time off?

Global Moderator Comment Some of the answers you seek are in the earlier pages of this thread.


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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #58 on: 01-07-15, 10:45PM »
I was told "actively seeking employment" whist on a lifestyle break was a big no no... But that didn't stop me doing extra days in my part time side job that I never happened to me tin ever before lol.

And yes, you need a valid enough reason. Mine was "I tried to quit, your making me take this"


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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #59 on: 01-07-15, 11:30PM »
Yes ,it is fine working elsewhere,and ,no,you do not have to give any reason. 
When I took a lifestyle break,I told them that I would be working elsewhere.


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Re: Lifestyle Breakl
« Reply #60 on: 10-07-15, 07:25PM »
I have requested lifestyle break 3 weeks ago and still have no answer. Is there a deadline for manager's reply like in the case of normal holiday requests?


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