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Author Topic: Single parent. hours affecting my child  (Read 25414 times)


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Re: Single parent. hours affecting my child
« Reply #50 on: 20-09-18, 03:22PM »
Have a look at your tax code on your payslip ( if you can get online  to see it 😡 ) Eg the code 1150 equates to 11500 earnings before paying tax . Divide that number by 13 to see how much pay without tax you can earn each month ( 20% tax on the remainder ). Don't for get you pay NI on everything you earn each week above  £162.01 and allow for tesco contributions too.


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Re: Single parent. hours affecting my child
« Reply #51 on: 20-09-18, 09:31PM »
Hi guys, sorry if this is the wrong place, I've searched but couldn't find what I was looking for and I didn't want to start a new thread.

I'm currently working 32.5 hours a week and was informed by a colleague that if I drop my hours below 30, I would be saving more in tax than I would for those 2.5 hours, is there any truth to this? This would be handy for me as my daughter is disabled and my partner sometimes struggles so any extra time I can spend at home would make a big difference. I've spoken to my DM but she isn't being helpful at all.

I'm in Northern Ireland if that makes any difference at all. Any advice would be brilliant.

Its 100% BS. Taxes are calculated using your weekly earnings. If you drop 2.5h a week that's 10h total. £81.8 if we just use hourly rate. That means your take home pay will be lower by £54.56.


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Re: Single parent. hours affecting my child
« Reply #52 on: 22-09-18, 10:30PM »

with and without those hours

It is possible that tax credits could change too.



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Re: Single parent. hours affecting my child
« Reply #53 on: 28-01-19, 06:17PM »
Hi. I’m unable to start my own post but wondering if anyone could help me please. I am due to return back to work from maternity in March. After attending a meeting my manager still hasn’t given me a return date. I’ve been told as I’m unable to do my old hours starting early in the morning I am facing losing my job as no other hours in the shop. What do I do how am I going to provide for my child. I cannot work at 6am my partner works nights and won’t be in to look after our child until a sitter comes available. I want to drop three hours and work part time I have given my manager 30 hours worth of availability. I just don’t know what to do :(