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Do You Know..

a change to contracts and/or hours worked should follow certain procedures with time scales.

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As the title says, staff members shifts are on xmas and new years eve when shop closes, staff member wants to just be unpaid for those shifts but manager claims its not allowed.

Any idea...

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Basically I’m having my 3rd investigation meeting in 2 months every one of them different things, there’s a new store manager in my store and she’s been hard with everyone I work 2 jobs and m...

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I even asked my manager and he said he cant remember himself and will look into it (that was 2 weeks ago)

so im asking here, apparently it depends how LONG you worked for tesco depends...

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What happens this year for non flexi colleagues like myself who aren't contracted to work saturdays and yet the boxing day bank holiday falls on that day, how does the colleague make sure they can hav...

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Are all supermarkets closing off the areas that sell clothing and electricals or just Tosco?
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