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Do You Know..

Tesco never bailed out USDAW.

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Im a dotcom driver and have line from doc and upcoming appointment at hospital with general surgery consultant due to ongoing stomach pain (3 months ongoing) heavy lifting has been advised to avoid in case it aggravates the condition, was off for 7...

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We now have 6 drivers who have applied for Ocado because of there wage increase,  2 so far have been accepted this is going to be a fun Christmas with no  drivers.
Can we expect to be given treats or do we trick them by not delivering? ;D
National Living Wage set to rise to £9.50 an hour https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-59038076

The BBC just published the minimum wage rising to £9.50 in the budget, giving a 6.6% increase over the current minimum. This would mean Tesco e...

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Hi I started my holidays last monday. Night shift. I had covid symptoms Monday morning booked a test and I am positive. My covid note says I have to isolate from Monday. But work have said I cant cancel my holidays. My holiday didn't start until 11p...

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