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With news today of a mass of backroom and management job losses in Asda, do you think Tesco will be following developments closely?
Does anyone know whether there is a fair use policy on colleague Shop?

Obviously, since they first introduced colleague shop, things have changed slightly - in that, there used to be a fridge/area in the back of the shop (i.e. staff only)...

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Hi, I'm currently a University student, and obviously at the moment I'm in my home town because of Covid. I've just started my Options, not doing a placement just yet but working on little projects in the store like quality on Dot Com etc. Obviously ...

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Hi I was just told today we need to put every holiday in today. I asked if I could keep some back. I was told no. I thought you had to put in a percentage. I don't know if I need odd day off for things what come up. I normally keep a few days back. W...

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If you work the same day overtime 12 weeks in a row can you get that day added onto your contract? So if I did Monday over time for 12 weeks in a row do they have to add it to my contract if I ask? Was told by someone who I worked with and they...

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