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25 days to next payday on April 2nd

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Should MPs/Lords show solidarity with those on furlough/made redundant/getting nothing and return 20% of their salaries and expenses for last 12 months ?
Absolutely, yes.
51 (80%)
Certainly not.
10 (15%)
Perhaps 10%
2 (3%)
Voted: 63


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Do You Know..

you can claim income tax allowance for laundering uniform at home, maybe back dated.

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Good evening, When someone is off sick from work on say a 9hour shift is it treated the same as say a 4hour shift or is the percentage based on the amount of hour's rather than the days that they have been absent. Thanks
Well is this just a rumore or is it going to happen. we are going to loose this day... Anyone !!!!
Hi all, was wondering if anyone knows how much notice management has to give staff to come in early when stock take is due. Some say 24 hrs and some say one week. Thanks in advance.
I have a temp contract that is dated till wednesday next week and I've been told I will get a letter in the post as to whether I'm being kept on or not.  But I've received nothing and nothing is forthcoming from any managers.  What are my rights if m...

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Having passed the Barnsley Tosco Extra a few times in the last few weeks , and other stores , i can not help but notice when passing the Barnsley store that only the letter  "O " in the stores external signage for Tosco is lit up along with the word ...

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