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25 days to next payday on April 2nd

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Should MPs/Lords show solidarity with those on furlough/made redundant/getting nothing and return 20% of their salaries and expenses for last 12 months ?
Absolutely, yes.
51 (80%)
Certainly not.
10 (15%)
Perhaps 10%
2 (3%)
Voted: 63


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Do You Know..

night workers can have a free medical assessment every year.

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Just curious to find out if any garages have started this yet and how it’s going? We are scheduled to go single manned in April
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Hi there. I'm just wondering if anybody can confirm or deny that you are allowed 3 minutes leeway when clocking in and out when working at Tesco. I heard that USDAW had negotiated so you could have 3 minutes to get from your car (or the bus stop) to ...

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In light of the current heavy snow fall, has anyone here noticed that tosco used to cap van deliveries in this sort of weather but doesnt seem to be interested in doing that now. The state of the roads was terrible the other day and van sliding all...

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I am contracted to Cash Office three days a week. The other four days are covered by customer service desk colleagues. They only process money on to the system. I do everything else I.e investigations, emptying machines all banking and money gram...

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More and more becoming common for drivers to be returning to store announcing that they had to deliver to addresses with covid positive persons at the address but having had no notification of covid status until mid way through delivery. And also...

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