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Do You Know..

you should NOT move pallets without safety shoes on.

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Dotcom driver unable (temporary but possibly long term injury preventing doing deliveries), has been offered some checkout duty just till end of doctors fit note, or a picking job (less hours and...

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Got this from the news feed on this site, looks like most of...

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Struggling to find what's the timescale for taking redundancy then applying for jobs back in Tesco?
Thought it was months but a friend said it's changed to 12 months?
Any ideas
I've just been reading the pamphlet which covers holidays and all that entails. In one section it says they should be taken it week blocks.
My question is do we have to or is it just a sug...

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Good worker have never been in trouble before. Received a letter saying alleged breach of social media code of conduct. Would this refer to breaching social media policy or the way i...

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