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Title: Wrong delivery.
Post by: Nomad on 07-01-21, 09:40PM (

Mrs Furbur, of Pewsey, Wilts, discovered her food and order summary — including personal details and the last four digits of her Visa card — was left at the wrong home.

Her lawyers accuse Tesco of misusing her private information and breaching data protection.

Drivers thoughts and possible consequences for them ?
Title: Re: Wrong delivery.
Post by: danielj on 08-01-21, 03:45PM
Fancy your life being that bad you need to sue a company for 5k in the middle of a pandemic 😂
Title: Re: Wrong delivery.
Post by: gomezz on 08-01-21, 04:08PM
How did she come up with a figure of £5k for a £40 shop?   Last time I looked there is no requirement to check the householder at the delivery address given is the customer who made the order.  In fact, quite often it isn't with people ordering for their children at uni or their aged parents etc etc.

The driver would expect to face consequences if they delivered to a different address to the one given by the customer.   Which is not what happened here.  If I were the customer trying it on I would claim that the company computer had forgotten the change of address.  As we all know it has a habit of resetting stuff like Bags / No Bags, Delivery Instructions etc etc.
Title: Re: Wrong delivery.
Post by: alf on 08-01-21, 04:38PM
I do it humorous that for an article in regards to personal details being given out, she has given out her full name, and whilst not quite an address, enough location information to likely track her down.
Title: Re: Wrong delivery.
Post by: dotnochance on 09-01-21, 08:01AM
Someone should inform her it’s not 1940 anymore and there’s a s*** ton of info about her out there.
Title: Re: Wrong delivery.
Post by: penguin on 09-01-21, 07:22PM
I bet most of us at one time or another have had a delivery be it from anywhere delivered to the wrong place or left with a neighbour in the case of the neighbour this may well be without prior approval from the purchaser, does this mean we can all start taking legal action for misuse of data or information, ok the orders might not always contain payment details but will have name, address and usually phone number or e-mail details, the courts would never hear the end of it if people start taking legal action in situations like this it happens so often.
Title: Re: Wrong delivery.
Post by: gomezz on 09-01-21, 09:04PM
Our locality was flooded during the heavy rain the Wednesday before Christmas and I was unable to deliver to one village as one road was flooded and the other road was closed due to a bad accident (due to flooding).  After discussing the options (such as collect from store the next day) the customer asked if I could deliver to a friend in a neighbouring village.  I explained this was not normally allowed but made the decision to do it as it *was* her Christmas shop.  I did not bother the store or CS with asking their advice or permission as I trust them to trust me to make the right call as the person on the ground.

But then I am at a time of life that any resulting disciplinary action would be water off a duck's back.
Title: Re: Wrong delivery.
Post by: forrestgimp on 08-02-21, 10:49PM
Slightly different but a bit the same. I got someone elses prescrition once from the pharmacy all her details name address and a list of medication. They had to notify the government department about it so I think data breaches are taken super seriously.

Thought the guy was going to start crying when I went in and spoke to him about it, he didnt know where mine went either so someone out there got mine.