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22-04-24, 05:45PM

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What changes will January bring

Started by newdawnrising, 08-01-24, 01:05PM

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An end to the awful groundhog day music blaring out 24/7 would be very welcome


Quote from: Armin on 29-02-24, 10:15AMAn end to the awful groundhog day music blaring out 24/7 would be very welcome
:thumbup: yeah thats about their limit on supporting your mental health.Its pathetic.


Worst thing
Constantly short staffed, managers tend to pick on the hardest workers to pick up the slack of others or give them extra jobs when others are taking their time. Holidays given out unfairly, not first come first served. >:D


Agreed you see it everywhere my store is crazy for it people constantly kissing backside getting away with doing zero getting away with it whilst some staff are pushed to breaking point . Certain staff getting shifts to suit them and then depts left way way to short more work for the ones who are left but sadly this problem has allways existed you get in with the click and you're set


Sainsburys might be chopping more jobs including bakery roles


I can see a few more Tesco bakeries going part bake each year,until they eventually do the lot


Tesco Annual Number of Employees
2021   367,321
2020   423,092
2019   464,505
2018   448,988
work force

the work  force is getting smaller by the year

As of 2023, Tesco employs approximately 309,300 individuals in the United Kingdom. This figure has fluctuated over the years, with the number of employees increasing from around 300,000 in 2012 to a peak of about 326,000 in 2022 before declining slightly1. Tesco, a multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer, was founded in 1919 and is headquartered in Hertfordshire, UK. It operates nearly 5,000 stores worldwide, making it one of the leading supermarket brands in the UK in terms of grocery market share

In 2022, Tesco employed approximately 354,744 individuals in the United Kingdom. This figure represents a 3.42% decline from the previous year1. Tesco, a multinational-operating grocery and general merchandise retailer, was founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen and is currently headquartered in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. The company's product portfolio includes food and beverages, clothing, home appliances, and financial services. Tesco consistently ranks highest in terms of grocery market share in the UK


I guess we should expect the workforce to reduce year on year because of the various savings that have been made over the years - from a front end point of view, surely self serve and SAYS have reduced the need - and obviously across most shop floor depts, they have all been cut back - not to mention head office and distribution centres (probably) - so unless Tesco has increased its number of stores - which seems unlikely, then staff numbers would fall - of course, staff numbers and Full Time Equiv Posts are two different things - in theory, with their pledge to have min 16 hour contracts, then in theory overall staff numbers should fall more - as 80 hours would be covered by a min of 5 people whereas previously it could have been 10 or more.
When Tesco quote how much our pay review represents an "investment in their people" - again, the investment "per person/per post" should fall year on year as more efficiencies are made - and Tesco doesn't grow (by more stores/other areas)

These are the staff numbers for UK & ROI as quoted in Tesco's published accounts:

The table below shows the average number of employees by segment during the financial year (so for 2023, this is the period Mar2022-Feb2023).

                Av No. of Employees:                   Av. No. of FTE posts:
2022                   326,218                          204,974               
2023                   309,366                          196,911

Hopefully - when I press "POST" the formatting above won't go all skewiff.

I'd expect the numbers to fall again when this year's accounts get published in a few months time.

The number of stores stripping out tills and replacing with self-serve, and all the stories on here about other depts slashing hours and numbers - it's completely inevitable.


Whilst overall head count is down, the volume of internal jobs our is currently sitting at 3157 - check the internal careers website for yourself, and that's not even including the number vacancies out external which is currently sitting at 2684 jobs. What you would also need to take into consideration, Tesco has quit a diverse workforce, and large portion of the workforce are now nearing retirement age. So while we may be seeing a reduced workforce, getting the roles filled again is proving even more difficult.

Even the DC's are struggling for colleagues, and that was an area of the business were getting a job was like gold dust.


Quote from: AudiTTman on 28-02-24, 09:06PMSo pleased scratch bakery is going, nobody wants it anymore, bake off way forward
why??? Part bake bread looks like and tastes like sh#t and pumped with chemicals


Scratch baked was just rock hard burnt bread more often than not  ;D

Glad ours is going


Quote from: oldfashionedplayer on 03-03-24, 11:58PMScratch baked was just rock hard burnt bread more often than not  ;D

Glad ours is going
have you seen tasted part bake bread ?


Quote from: Monkeyman999 on 04-03-24, 03:37PM
Quote from: oldfashionedplayer on 03-03-24, 11:58PMScratch baked was just rock hard burnt bread more often than not  ;D

Glad ours is going
have you seen tasted part bake bread ?
agreed the part baked bread is worse than awful just same as the god awful donuts


Anyone know what time the pay briefing is at today?



Duff McKagan

Yes, we've been discussing it on the pay review thread for a while now


for people to say that "im surprised it has not been leaked" a lot of peoples  predictions were £12.02


Quote from: Tesworker on 28-02-24, 08:49PM
Quote from: Bobmay on 28-02-24, 05:33PM
Quote from: Bessington on 24-02-24, 07:02PMWage clerk position now made redundant but redundancy pay not on the table.why is there not more outcry about this it is a vital part to ensure staff are paid correctly.I think the very least voulantry redundancy could of been offered a lot of us have been in the job for many years and now we are told going forward we now have to fit in on shop floor.union rep answer well you new it was going to happen at some point.yes and was told we would get redundancy pay.this is what we pay our union fees for years.
When the new contract came in it meant no more redundancy expect if you lost your hour or got less pay.
The wage role still says wage clerk not  colleague
We have argue this with People Partner and with managers. They say we are just Tesco Colleague, yet today, an email was sent saying Wages Clerks.
How are the other wages clerks doing?


well they definitely changed bits anyhow, there was a wage clerk role under the large store packs, cause i remember looking at it but its not there now...

but it still refers to wage clerks etc as "having access" Introduction
We have made some changes to the Tesco Store Administrator (TSA) role to ensure that only Wage Clerks and Store Managers have access. This role provides access to colleague data to complete payroll activities.

that was last updated back in 2023, so that would still be relevant information on a role Date updated: July 19, 2023 12:15

says about:

Who should have this role?
This role is for Wage Clerks and Store Managers. If you are a Stock & Admin Manager or Admin Assistant and require this access as part of your role and this has been agreed by your store manager, then you can request access by following"

so if roles were indeed updated with contract then who were these wage clerks?  ??? - if they were indeed too, then the colleague should of got a full contract update again, but instead with it being a longer one to sign, like us no one got anything unless you requested it, so that'd be an easy way to prove too..  >:D

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