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colleague shop (CS)

Started by dfl, 17-05-23, 09:52PM

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I forgot to mention that you have to do the search on the Tesco Help part of the ourtesco website at


We only give Olio bakery. Everything in the reduced goes to Staff then the waste. However I'm an Express shift leader.


Misconduct or gross misconduct?


Not following the correct CS process or abusing it is usually viewed as gross misconduct, and has resulted in people getting the sack. All I will say is why put your job in peril for a few bits of free food its just not worth the risk as its all monitored and anything iffy is quickly passed on to the store manager who has to file a report back with his or her findings.
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


6 people in my store all got final warnings in the last 2 months. Most of them did think they would get the sack as they had been keeping stuff out the back re reducing it at the right time and then keeping it to gain it for free. Lucky they've all walked away with final warning but they are with you a year.


to be honest i've mentioned it before and challenged it, its something they still haven't changed despite how open the wording is to subjectiveness, if you read:

"A single colleague taking all products and preventing others from buying it."

- Can be viewed in multiple lights, but the primary problem with the wording is the "taking all products" - so if your brought in for taking 20 out of the 25 products, how can that be justified on a day vs a colleague doing it and there only being 5 items and they take 2 out of 5? etc, there isn't any wording about "capacity allowed", nor "reasonable amount", just "taking all", so as long as you left 1 or more, you'd be adhering to the policy..

"Reducing an item not on today's expiry date"

- needs adding in of exception in where store closure and special holidays etc affect this, like easter / christmas - otherwise many are guilty for it, meaning could be a case of discrimination on who they do target..

so 2 things atleast, but the first one is very open to interpretation and will definitely backfire on them...


I would read it as "all" meaning "all" as in everything! So if a colleague hasn't taken "all" then there's no case to answer!

You'll always get the greedy ones who ruin it for everyone else, in as much as bad feeling amongst staff. Then you'll get those who accuse others, causing more bad feeling. Then you get the day staff who moan they don't get it, then you have those who have stashed away...all for some cheap c**p that nobody else wants!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


In our Superstore (we are not an Express or an Extra) we rarely have much left on the Chilled reduction mod at 9pm during the week and we close at midnight Mon - Sat.

However, on a Sunday the chilled reductions mod is cleared at 3pm and everything is given to the local food bank who come and collect it at 3.30pm as this is the 'only time they can come and get it' so they say.

This is not via Olio which we never see.

No chance of anything left on a Sunday and a lot of the staff are v, v peed off about it.


Is there a limit in value to how mach can be taken as i had a member of staff say they took quite a bit and when they went to he till although all marked a cs and after 9pm the till only allowed to take som much before it started charging for the rest ?

General Thorn

No, no limit unless that's just been brought in by Tesco. I haven't heard of it anyway.


the only limit is set by your colleague clubcard, the value comes out of that, so if it started charging for the rest maybe they've hit their £1500 limit? last change to the policy was early last year.


Quote from: General Thorn on 19-08-23, 06:09PMNo, no limit unless that's just been brought in by Tesco. I haven't heard of it anyway.
Iv just been to my local tesco to do the big shop as I normally do on the payday weekend. I had a random search at the scan as you shop and as the assistant reloaded my shopping onto the till he quietly said " you know we have a new rule on cs's? We had someone take two trolley loads of Cs and nothing else last week so now the rule is you are only allowed 2 of any one product " I had to leave a couple of items ,reduction areas were still heaving with products, something iv not seen for a while after 3pm on a Sunday.


I got 3 of the same item from the cs today & they all went through for free

General Thorn

Babybelle that must be store specific and I'm not sure that would actually work? I know I've taken more than 2 of the same items and not been turned down.


It's never happened before,  the till didn't flag it up it was just a random search like they do on scan as you shop and as my bill loaded he must of noticed the cs's drop off my total.  I had alcohol in my shop so I was expecting him to wait for the authorisation to flag up. He was lovely about it but I did feel a bit of a twonk re searching my shopping to make sure I only had two of what ever I'd picked up. If I'd not felt so shocked I'd of offered to pay for the 2 packs of meat and loaf that I had to leave. I don't go over kill with the Cs and I had spent over £125 on actual food. The reduced mods still had plenty left for others.


There isn't any official limit on the amount of items, the policy is on the tesco help rather than colleague help, which outlines that colleagues need to leave some for others.. Otherwise it can be seen as misconduct.


Misconduct would prompt a specific disciplinary.
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


I went to a store last night (an Extra that closes at midnight) - it's not the store where I work - I didn't go with the intention of getting CS stuff - I was simply after some reduced label stuff (well that wasn't my sole reason for visiting - but as I was visiting at a certain time I decided I would check it out) - anyway - I entered the shop at 745pm - and as I walked in the entrance I noticed two very large deep trolleys filled with all the reductions (incl flowers/fruit/fresh/bakery) - and two people standing next to it - I presume this was the "food charity" - but 745pm seems awfully early to clear the shelves. Not that I mean to begrudge stuff going to charity (assuming it does) - but 745pm did seem very very early. Hey ho.


With regards to my store the colleague shop is a absolute farce  esp on a Sunday you either have  stuff been reduced and stashed then staff some managers appearing with a large amount of stock after 3 pm on a Sunday . But I laughed couple Sundays ago a lady who works instore who had finished had a massive deep trolly full she was with her son who hada half trolly filled with nothing but colleague shop stuff  .. the girl who done the reductions said the staff member was with her son instore about 1415 and when the reductions filtered out they were all over them  and she was still there at 1510 waiting for more . What is the actual company policy for stuff like that as I've allways been told don't take too much and aparently that lady was reported by the staff but duty was fine with her having 2 trolleys full ??

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