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13-04-24, 12:22AM

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Overtime on different departments

Started by Tazd9t9, 16-03-23, 10:32AM

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Hi guys, just looking to see whether you guys can now see whos booked a shift on the extra hours market? Im skilled in a few departments and have booked a few day shifts coming up as opposed to my normal nights, the first time i did this (months ago) they were not expecting me in and said that the extra hours market shows that a shift has been taken but not who has taken it? Is that the case? Or will they be able to see I have booked them.... don't really want to be chasing round the store trying to catch up with various managers is all


correct, this tried tested new way of overtime doesnt alert the manager that overtime has been taken or who has taken it. Total farce.


What a great system, thanks! I shall speak to the managers


You can see who has taken the shift by going onto FROG searching for the specific department and then clicking on any OT shifts in yellow - however it isn't quick nor easy.

Can see when schedule to workload rolls out multiple issues with people being in the "wrong" areas as a result


Yes London you are right I more meant there was no notification of it. Which has resulted in our store asking people to message to say they have signed up to xxx overtime. Kind of defeating the point.


To be honest I don't want notification of overtime as it's picked up. I just want to know what shifts not covered. As we are all moving into bigger roles we need to be mindful of the work/life balance.
I check frog daily to review shifts but only when I'm in work. This is enough. I have colleagues at pfs who tell me a shift has dropped off extra hours so can I check who has picked it up, same with checkouts, so it's part of the daily routine. We should all be online but we still use paper rotas and we just like to add names to them.

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