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any updates to drug testing data requirements?

Started by Alun, 28-08-18, 12:28AM

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I was told around Oct 2017 that the store dotcom drivers were being treated the same as distribution centre drivers and would need to agree to drug testing. At that time the info supplied with the consent form said that the only identifying data the drug testing company would get relating to the identity of the driver was their employment number. This has turned out to be untrue. The Information Commissioners Office has told Tosca to be more transparent about what personal data will end up in the hands of the drug testing company.
Have any drivers in stores been given updated info about this?


Oh dear 'Alun', are you still going on about this? It's only people with something to hide that have an issue with this. . . . .


The Information Commissioner's Office had 'an issue with this'. Do they have anything to hide? Perhaps the ICO have 'an issue' with employers not being open about how employees personal data is handled.


employers should be absolutely transparent with any data that they hold.




They need to drug test on shop floor at my place..
Most staff coked off their face... :D ;D

Dorothy C

Quote from: takethemoneyandrun on 30-08-18, 09:01AM
They need to drug test on shop floor at my place..
Most staff coked off their face... :D ;D
Now that is funny :D

I have never had an alcohol in test 3 years as a driver although I'm aware it's happened twice in the stores I've worked in on my days off. I also know of a driver in a nearby store to one of mine who was reported by a shopkeeper for purchasing vodka whilst on duty and he got got rung up and told to return the van. East Anglia area anybody? Needless to say he never got the sack for that. As for agreeing to be tested for drugs like the majority have, I haven't because when everybody had to sign it I wasn't there. I was told at our last annual training meeting by our driver manager, that it costs quite a bit a person to test so it won't be like every alcohol test where everybody gets tested. Only for obvious druggies. You probably won't get an annual training meeting this year as the trainers who do the training don't know driving laws and would probably get blown out of the training room by gales of laughter for their lack of knowledge and incompetence. Just saying.


I can confirm Dorothy C's story as it was my store. Drivers had reported him before but nothing done about it! It happened twice more before they decided to do deal with it as he went miles in the wrong direction to go home and get his vodka and orange from home! We have one male and one female driver now who come in still hungover but even though it's passed onto management they haven't got the backbone to do anything about it!
Already been told there's no annual training this year. Now we know why.....


We had a one who reported to MM on many occasions..they kept telling whoever reported the driver that they couldn't prove he had been drinking at work  :o :o he eventually left after he was stood down from driving for a couple of months. I believe he is now driving for Morrison's. :'( :'(
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