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Van Data

Started by helpme, 12-10-21, 01:46PM

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Back in the day of course, no sat-nav, no Google maps, no nothing except a paper road atlas and local knowledge.
"The progress of the kart is more important than its direction"


Quote from: gomezz on 06-02-22, 12:57PM
Quote from: breadbaconandbeans on 03-02-22, 08:07PM
Hi has anyone logged onto infinity when you have a gap and pulled in a layby and looked at their afternoon route to find the named houses on google maps etc and now suddenly it is not possible to see it on infinity? Stopped working last night. Have been able to view the routes until then. I am a new driver so this was a bonus to plan my afternoon or evening route and now can only see van loading sheet and van control sheet on infinity
Yes.  I had got into the habit of looking ahead for any addresses unknown to me so that I could check out their location by using the Infinity app.  However, it does not surprise me they pulled that infro from the app as it did constitute something of a GDPR issues.  You can still see the list of postcodes via the Schedule tab but that doesn't help of course with looking for house names in villages.

now it seems you cannot add delivery instructions either its just greyed out so now hoping the team leader A) puts the instructions in the right customers address and B) gets the what 3 words address precise as one letter out can be a different word and then take you to completly the wrong place. why on earth not let us do stuff like this if we wanted too so we know it is done. i use to do it if sit in a layby if a very hard to find one


Quote from: Modena on 21-10-21, 02:41PMLet's all leave to £12.40p a hour ocado, £16 to £19 for overtime,  you don't load your own van, when you finish you get paid for it and go home, Let's go. It seems the managers are getting more petty every day I got pulled up the other day for being in the canteen at 17.55.
I did leave that sh**tshow called DotCom a year ago and went to do exactly the same job at Sainsburys. After a couple of months of getting used to different ways of doing things I can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did. No van loading, far better pay (which you get paid for every minute you work), better management culture, no split runs - managers are expected to take them out and keep current with their driving skills and far less stress which the other half has noticed and appreciates. Plus from going from being at Tescos for 11 years to being a newbie at Sainsburys I lost only 13 hours holiday which is nothing in the big scheme of things.
So if you have a Sainsburys near you and want better working conditions and less hassle go and ask if they want drivers.


We can deliver early there has been no problem with it. Courtesy is to phone the customer first if it ends up before their window though.


Quote from: baldeagle on 14-10-21, 11:25AMHelpme .If the manager is using his or her personal computer then it is breach of data protection and should be raised with  the store manager.

Not necessarily, if they are or say they are working from home.


I guess it depends on the apps/applications used and the connection being secured.  A company approved (and paid for VPN) in my view should be a minimum requirement when moving customer and colleague and company sensitive information around.
"The progress of the kart is more important than its direction"


Has anyone been in today and heard that now there are no short dates highlighted on the sds? You have to tell the customer to check dates. So if you are parked in the middle of terrace house road with cars beeping you to move as nowhere to park safely you have to now wait for the customer to check their dates? I wonder if we will get less drops now as the picker no longer does it.


Never understood why .com customers get a longer code life than customers who visit our physical stores.

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