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Tesco Till - the most useless upgrade ever?

Started by Prince of Darkness, 04-02-23, 07:06AM

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Prince of Darkness

I'm a TS in a SS. Tesco Till really is the most poorly implemented rollout I have seen in the business.

It doesn't have the features of the old system such as split card payments, Christmas savers (though these are promised..) it crashes and then we can not tell if a card payment has been taken - I am sure we have erred on the side of the customer and given them in some cases hundreds of pounds of shopping for nothing, just taking a coupon for a newspaper is a faff and yet the business has let it out to almost the whole Extra and SS estate (is it in Express?) with far too many holes in it.

Who gets paid to do such a poor job? I can't imagine they are sweating the possibility of a few hours overtime each week so they can afford a pint or a trip out with the kids.

Ringing the helpdesk is no help at all. A dedicated online fault reporting system would be pretty easy to put together, but better still would be a system that had been fully tested in a couple of sites before being rolled out, not a piece of sh£t that really isn't ready.


Quote from: Prince of Darkness on 04-02-23, 07:06AMI am sure we have erred on the side of the customer and given them in some cases hundreds of pounds of shopping for nothing,

I've no idea what this is cos our store has yet to install new tech that was meant to happen nearly a decade ago but... this sounds fine to me lol...


Tesco IT in general is really bad for a company that big.  We can see clearly, the high management have got no clue about that, and the IT team just do whatever, might not be enough funding or no clear instruction as to what they want.

But one thing for sure, seems the last few CEOs just try to avoid rebuilding it properly, so don't have to spent loads of money on it.  For the sake of good report, and with aim to only work for 4 to 5 years, they don't care if the company collapses right after they've gone.

In my express shop, main till and self service got so many problems.  There are few problems that haven't been fixed for a year.  Embarrassing as hell if I am the shop owner.

Even Tesco shopping website behave like in early 2000-ish.  Internal search engine is bad makes me think it is in the olden day.  Lay out not that great either.

IT, graphic designer and marketing supposed to work together to make a good website, but in the back of my mind, seems like high management just spouting things that they don't really know, and their words are a must thing to do, no matter how absurd it is.


I worked in a trial store for Tesco Till on SS, in a busy Extra. What got me, one day all our SS had changed software including cash no one told us it was coming. And it was so bad, no way to give feedback, Helpdesk didn't care to help when we had a fault as they barely knew themselves how it worked. The software looked nicer and that's where the good things stopped. I just didn't see the overall need to be changing it, the software on SS before worked fine, and so does the normal Mainbank. CSD is a bit hacky with F11 and stuff but it works fine. If it ain't broken don't fix it


We have a date to go all main bank to TT. At the moment we have two. The roll out has been very quick.

CC deals show up so colleagues can inform customers straight away if missing out on a meal deal for example.
Items scanned throughout transaction total on receipt with a qty so no more double scans.
No need to do till check.
Christmas savers not on TT, they are working on this or so we are told.
Can only recover receipt within last 30 mins, they are working on this too, or so we are told. This is the biggest issue as far as I'm concerned.
Only overs/shorts show on journal so without being able to print off a receipt the only way to see what has gone on is to check CCTV. If CCTV not checked we have very little info to go on.
TT and NCR tills don't talk to each other so will be unable to recall a stored transaction at CSD.


Also there's a short delay when scanning items.

Can't wait for the Let's Talk when I'm moaned at over my throughput and scanning rate!


Ours has been double scanning items on peoples bills, not all of them but the odd 1 or 3 so the overcharge sometimes is not noticeable. We have had a lot of people notice and come back into store to be refunded what they didnt purchase.

We also have self service tills that do not give out a receipt and there is a prompt to ask the customer assistant if they want one couple that with a no refund without the receipt policy and we are in for some irate customers soon. 


100% of us HATE it. It's Sooo slow! Always crashing holding up the queues, half the stuff you can't do on it anymore.

Might look nicer and have better UI but functionally.. it's poor


It's new UI connected to old core system/database to maintain continuity.
If someone is trying to fix reported bugs then next year it would work better.


Our store rep was told that it would take two years just to get the new system to do what we could do with the old one. If this is true then why the f*** has it been rolled out to all the tills in my store? one or two for live testing I can understand but all of them?


TWO years! blimey.. no wonder why 100% staff are in an uproar about the new system! (at least I've not found ONE person in my 300+employee workplace that like the new system everyone keeps chatting about "don't forget to press the angry bad faces when you sign out!)


There are so many things that they have made less intuitive. If I thought someone would listen I'd write them down and send it to them, but I know it'd go in the bin.

And the more I think about it, they don't want it to be efficient, accurate and easy to use for cashiers. They don't like cashiers. They want everyone to be using self-service, so if they are developing software which makes a proper mainbank till more efficient, they risk customers using them (shock, horror) rather than the hallowed self-service till.


The way I was briefed was that Tesco paid NCR each year for a licence to run the "old till" software.

 By creating our own we will ultimately (once software is designed and in place) pay nothing year after year unless we decide to upgrade it.

It would make sense if you were starting from scratch to design a system for self serve first as within 5-10 years suspect the vast majority of our tills will be that


thats true londoner, however, it would be more beneficial to the company to have a working one rather than one that has customers leaving their shopping instead  ;D


Quote from: londoner83 on 02-03-23, 08:19AMBy creating our own we will ultimately (once software is designed and in place) pay nothing year after year unless we decide to upgrade it
That shows a touching naivety about the ongoing costs of running and maintaining software yourself.
"The progress of the kart is more important than its direction"


@Nomad, thank you, and thank you to all that have contributed to this thread. I lurked for years and joined recently to share my experiences, and I found it quite helpful to share and read other people's thoughts on this process. We're not all the way out yet, so there is still much to discuss!


Apologies for my message, wrong thread, my phone seems to be infiltrated with gremlins today😂😂😂

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