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Banked holidays

Started by Mumsie14, 31-12-22, 04:35PM

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Quote from: Aus1988 on 10-01-23, 09:21AM
Quote from: lackofinterest on 10-01-23, 06:48AMyou're being ripped off then! ???
why is this wrong??
you should get 7weeks holiday which is 28 days on a 4 shift week plus 8 bank holidays at least. i get that for 15+ years


Lack of interest.  Thats all wrong. 6 weeks hols and 8 bh if you work 5 nights or days, then 1 pd. 


If you work 5 nights or days and have 15+ yrs service you get about 274 hrs and 1 pd.


it doesnt matter how many shifts you work. you still get 6 weeks holiday plus bh's e.g if you only work 1 day a week you will get 6 days off per year plus bh's


@lackofinterest no true,if you have less than 5 years your total including bhols is 6 weeks holiday,SERVICE MATTERS
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Service matters. 4.5 weeks under 5 yrs service.


Quote from: Elly1519 on 04-01-23, 03:26PMAccrued holidays are based on your current hours. I started in the 1980s and will be paid out 6 x 30 hours contracted when I leave. I am a wages clerk and can see that information on W&P.r
Quote from: lucgeo on 04-01-23, 06:46PMI'm thinking that can't be right! Unless the policy has drastically changed and been agreed by the union ???
It should be based on the hours you were contracted to when you joined the company, when their holiday entitlement was frozen! Therefore those on 36.5 hour contracts, common in the 80's and 90's, was banked and resulted in a weeks/36.5 holiday entitlement owed!

Lots of colleagues have dropped hours and shifts over the years, therefore to pay their accrued holiday pay at their current hours, if less than their starting contract, then basically they're being robbed :o

Also on the flip side, those who joined on low hour contracts which were banked, who have now increased their hourly contracts over the years are to be paid in excess in what they worked back then  ???

Did you have a 30 hour contract in the 80's when you joined the company ???
No I didnt. I started on about 10 hours.


Your line manager will be able to tell you what banked holidays you have.its on your holiday entitlement on oracle.
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