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Team Managers about to get demoted-lose pay!

Started by markwinters, 29-12-22, 11:06AM

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Quote from: madness on 27-08-23, 08:19PMlol we used to get a customer in the store playing the big i am. "i am the biggest shareholder of Tesco why isnt this right that right etc.

Me to him (as we knew it was bull**** )  You are blackrock captial are you?
Him  "who"
The guy likely had a few 100 shares at best.
You will always get some people like that, the problem is the internet and social media is full of rubbish saying owing a couple of shares in a company gives one the right to turn up at that company and start giving out orders etc, most people know its rubbish but there are always a few who take it at face value.
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


Love this about our ( or should I say, my former ) wonderful customers thinking they 'own' the company. Once had an older couple who were unhappy with my service to them on the deli counter. They said they'd write a letter to Jack Cohen as they were shareholders. I didn't have the heart to tell them he'd been dead twelve years ( it was the early'90's after all )!


I recall telling a customer who was complaining about the price of Xmas chocolates, to go to ???? as they were on offer there...he replied he was a shareholder and I shouldn't be saying that!!! I replied...so am I!!!
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.

grim up north

Quote from: NightAndDay on 28-08-23, 02:19PMI have around 4,000 shares, roughly £10k invested primarily for passive income from dividends, saying that though I like to see my assets managed well, if occurences like this were more wide spread, calls for new leadership would be demanded.
Would you call 4000 shares out of almost 1 trillion significant?


I'd say £10k in shares is a significant amount of money, certainly enough for me to have concern over matters such as the company being inefficient with it's money.

If the above were true (I doubt it is), it's most assuredly not a widespread practice within the company, Tesco are robust enough to cover the expenditure of 1 such case (if it's genuine).

If this was wide spread practice and it hit the papers, there'd be shareholder uproar. Many would likely sue Tesco as it could be interpreted as the companies heads not upholding their fiduciary duty to their shareholders.

grim up north

Even if it is just one case, I still don't think it's acceptable(if it's true). If there's one case of this, then another case of that, then another case of the other, it all seems a cover up. Like numerous different stories on all different topics recently in the news, those at the top aren't interested in 'doing the right thing' or even doing it in the interests of the company, but doing it so those at the top's own reputation isn't harmed

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