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Disciplinary Appeal

Started by ExSMfloor, 12-12-22, 06:49PM

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Evening All,
I've recently been given a First Written Warning for reasons which cannot be discussed to protect my identity on here. I have appealed this as I feel I have a strong case but I have not heard back (appeal was acknowledged) and we are now on 14 days. The policy states my appeal will be heard within 14 days but does not specify the process if not. Can anyone advise or offer guidance please?


contact the union, if they are outside their own policy the warning should get removed.

Bear in mind I have had them say some funky stuff about the time limits when they forgot, they will do as they please so be prepared to push back.


Sorry forgot to mention, I am not a union member


Join the union now then.

They do not have to have been involved from the beginning to protect your rights now.
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I was actually disciplined recently and told I was to receive a 1st stage warning, which I could appeal.

I did not receive the warning(not sure if we are supposed to get a letter).

I asked about it a few days later as I wanted to know exactly the reasons I was getting it, so I could prepare my appeal. I was informed then that I only had 7 days to appeal from issue


Get union involved....know yr rights phone head office as some union reps in my experience in store reps...are not trust worthy


They are now out of process. You need to state this in an email (correspond in email so you have documented evidence). When your appeal goes ahead ensure you have a note taker and open with the question " why is my appeal outside of the appeal hearing timeframe?"


@jellypot 14 days to appeal from the date of the letter. If you haven't had a letter then you haven't had a warning.
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