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23-03-23, 08:21AM

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Pay Review 2022

Started by yeetus, 29-03-22, 08:30PM

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Quote from: londoner83 on 27-01-23, 11:51AMPlus in times when many are financially struggling, people are less likely to turn down Sunday OT. In reality 6hrs OT at time isn't that much less than 6hrs at 1.25 pay, once tax/NI/pensions etc are deducted.

I think this is a bit of a vague interpretation!!

If we assume the new hourly rate will be £11, that would make the Sunday rate £13.75 if premium is retained.

Difference in pay for 6 hours = £16.50 before deductions.
If we assume 33% for deductions, then the difference between the two becomes £11 (£55 versus £44).

If said person did 25 shifts a year - that would be £275 a year difference.

So that's £275 into directors/shareholders pockets - or £275 to hardworking folk like people that want/need Sunday OT.


Working collaboratively with our Unions
We spend time listening to how our colleagues are feeling, and understanding what matters to them.
When it comes to reward, our package is extensively discussed and negotiated with our independent unions. Colleagues are supported with paid time off from their day jobs to participate in these negotiations.

We have built strong relationships with our unions over the years, and as a result we have long-established full recognition and collective bargaining agreements in place with USDAW, Unite and URTU for all our hourly-paid colleagues across the UK. Our robust engagement process ensures that colleagues and union representatives are involved throughout the process, and are consulted before any decisions on reward are finalised. Any decisions we make benefit all eligible colleagues, regardless of whether they are a member of a union or not.

We believe that unions should be as representative as possible, and we actively support colleague membership in many other ways, including offering slots for union representatives in inductions for new starters and offering colleagues the ability to pay union membership fees directly via payroll.

As part of the listening process and in tandem with our extensive pay review process, we continue to make changes to the overall colleague experience based upon feedback about what matters most to our colleagues. For example, as part of our 2022 negotiations for hourly-paid colleagues in UK stores, we agreed to always offer any vacant hours to colleagues working fewer than 16 hours a week before recruiting externally – based upon feedback from colleagues. When we do recruit externally, all new contracts will be based on a minimum of 16 hours per week, (save for our smallest Convenience stores) in line with USDAW's New Deal for Workers campaign.

Interesting read from the following link:

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