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Pay Review 2022

Started by yeetus, 29-03-22, 08:30PM

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Hello to VLH,

Been informed by a long-standing USDAW rep (aka, not a s*** rep) that this years pay review is being brought forward, and will be announced April 7th.

Given that last years pay rise was heralded as 'above-inflation!', in theory we should kick off if it's not £10.31 - however, this is tesco so I'd be pleased with £10 and no change to sunday premium, however there's still doubt over that!


All I know with 100% certainty is we're all about to get f***ed


Do we know if we're getting a bonus this Yr 🤔


We need to,staff discount of ten percent dont even cover what pecentage most things gone up by
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


Why would we be getting a bonus? Our bonuses ended a few years ago and the covid ones ended.


You say that, but other retailers have announced them eg asda and john lewis. Don't think we'll get one though. A lot of the time we don't have soap to wash our hands or enough space in the fridge for our lunch.  :o


Stop bragging because you can afford lunch,,,collegue shop breakfast,dinner and tea all the way,  hot cross buns and beans for tea today
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


Interesting read a couple of days back where Sainsbury's received a letter from the shareholders themselves to state that the shop floor workers should get a big pay rise, then next week they are sending the same letter to all the big supermarkets.


Quote from: Monkeyman on 30-03-22, 06:51AM
Do we know if we're getting a bonus this Yr 🤔

Bonus for salaried staff in May, depending on profit results. Bonus between 2.5-5%.


Quote from: T.C.1 on 30-03-22, 12:37PM
Interesting read a couple of days back where Sainsbury's received a letter from the shareholders themselves to state that the shop floor workers should get a big pay rise, then next week they are sending the same letter to all the big supermarkets.

I read that on the BBC website and was about to post it here. But in all reality it's not that newsworthy.

The gist of it was that this group had "demanded/suggested" that Sainsburys should become a Living Wage Employer - this is the REAL living wage - rather than the Govt NLW.

At the moment, the differences between the two are:

the Real Living Wage from April 2022 is £9.90 or £11.05 in London.

Also the Real Living Wage is applicable to all over 18s - whereas the Govts NLW is only for over 23s (and lower rates below).

But in reality, Sainsburys have already increased their base rate to £10 an hour and they probably pay more in London - and I assume they pay the same to all ages?

The only "gain" from making an employer become a RLW employer would be that the increases would be applied every April - and not allow firms (like Tesco) to dilly dally and make the increases from November!

It would be a much better gesture if Sainsbury or the like were not currently paying above the £9.90. Clearly, it would be a "short term" improvement for Tesco. And also would benefit London employees as I believe Tesco's top rate of location pay is only around 85p - so making the total hourly rate around £10.35 at the mo?


Since all the cuts that started about 8 years ago Tesco have fallen so far behind in wages that even small coffee shops are paying more in wages and I suspect those who have worked for more then 15 years and above are just waiting to be paid off.


Yes the sooner the better.


The big problem as to why Tesco doesn't need to pay more than the living wage is that 33% of all retail space in the UK is owned by Tesco. You can't go 2 miles without coming across a Budgens, Booker, Londis, Tesco or One Stop, every other competitor could pay twice as much as Tesco and people won't jump ship, they're all indoctrinated and institutionalised.

Tesco is too big to fail and will egregiously gouge out as much labour from people for as little as possible, heck even illegal immigrants are stacking shelves for Tesco somewhere in this country for 50p an hour. Because of how integrated Tesco is with the national economy they are in a position of power, as their demise means the end of prosperity for the UK, we'd become a 3rd world banana republic.

You have to remember, Tesco wasn't beneath using workfare and unpaid "work experience" schemes all under the pretence that work experience in retail is valuable. If they could they wouldn't pay you at all.


They use prisoners to run warehouses, Job Centre referral schemes like Princes Trust to man stores that's if they don't just say it's work experience and take the free labour.


Wow, just some of the comments on here 😳. I have an issue with this post if they were any sort of not a sh@T rep (not my words) then why are they even discussing the pay review details, not even the date or nay details should be discussed as it's embargoed. Sorry just my own personal view why are they even discussing it ! It then causes posts like this. We haven't heard how the business is going to pay their colleagues moving forward and how do we know they haven't decided to pay a bonus? The bonus to colleagues was removed a few years ago as part of the pay review deal which at the time was celebrated in stores by a number of colleagues that I know but you will always get those that weren't happy. Yes completely agree (I work in a store by the way) that salaried colleagues are paid a bonus as described as that is part of their terms and conditions. If you aren't happy with pay or your bonus conditions then please do something about it, plenty of jobs out there and people are crying out for staff who are paying above what Tesco offer  :)


Poolboy77, people on here won't do anything about it! They'll just come on here and moan about it and presumably make everyone they they work with miserable at the same time with their constant negativity.


Actually few want to move from Tesco at many stores despite the poor wages. Some are ready for retirement, some want to work close to home,  some want a job working with mates and some are scared to try other work. The list is endless as time goes on they are going to have to think about a more substantial pay rise and more longer hour contracts or it'll turn into a McDonalds setup where few do job for any length of time. Shame really the team spirit has gone you are just a number. We are seeing the last of the people who were "part of the furniture". Soon the place will be like Sainsbury's where you rarely see the same person as people are on zero hours using an app to get shifts when they can. Now you just get people using the job until they find a job in the local brewery. Some of our Christmas temps can be found in Starbucks. All the new lower paid management are going to have a hard time. We are already seeing it with the Shift Leader retention problems in express format.


As another poster mentioned, plenty of us on here has moved to greener pastures that pay orders of magnitude times more than what Tesco pays, bin men get paid more than the managers, that says it all really.

Checkout Superstar

The union rep at our store is convinced the Sunday Premium is staying.

She also said the pay increase will kick in from June.


Don't the reps only find out the day before it's announced officially? anything else is just hearsay and conjecture at this point.


(About 80%) info that already leaked out is true ;D


We the peasants don't get a bonus anymore the managers I believe do, as for sainsburys they pay there drivers £11.50 in London, 59p more a hour.


Quote from: T.C.1 on 30-03-22, 06:40PM
Since all the cuts that started about 8 years ago Tesco have fallen so far behind in wages that even small coffee shops are paying more in wages and I suspect those who have worked for more then 15 years and above are just waiting to be paid off.

Can confirm, show me the money!


I know there's been some conjecture on what or when anything will be announced?
I also know that there's been lots of discussions on various threads on here on just how "bad" our review will be - well we all know that anyway - but I just thought it might be interesting to do a small "survey" on what "benefits" we might get as part of the review:

1) Staff discount - regardless of how we view this (e.g. many people will still state that Lidl/Aldi are still cheaper even with 15% discount!)- but at the moment, we get 10% for 313 days a year and 15% for 52 days a year (four days around each of the 13 pay dates). Is it possible that we might get 15% for longer - might be wishful thinking to suggest it would be 15% ALL the time - but maybe extending the 4 days to 7 days - so one full week of 15% every four weeks? Might even be a commitment to have a week of 20% at Easter and Christmas?
2) Maybe extending/increasing the discount on "other areas" - such as increasing F&F to 25%? Tesco Cafe to 30%? Would be nice to get 5% off petrol/diesel - but that won't happen.
3) I think it's a given that the £10000 discount spend limit will be increased - given the "whinging" that people had around Christmas 20% discount counting towards the limit - before there was a u-turn - and then Tesco "generously" allowed everyone to have discount in March - even if you had spent your limit. Anyway - given the recent increase in Grocery costs, it seems only fair to increase the limit. I guess the new limit might be £12500
4) I've not been in the pension scheme since they changed it back in 2014 (was it?) - but I know colleagues feel that the new scheme is "relatively" generous given that Tesco match any contribution up to 7.5%. I'm not sure this would be increased.

The only other areas I can think of are:

Location Pay: these haven't been increased in at least six years (probably more) - so 45p for an "outer London store" was once worth around 7% on top of the hourly rate - now it would be 4.5% if the new hourly rate is £10.
Skills Payments: I don't get these - but the same as above - the additional £2 an hour that team support get over GAs has stayed static for a few years - I doubt if these will be increased - but it would be "fair"?
Night premiums : Last year was the first increase for a number of years - an extra 9p an hour I believe!! Will Tesco continue to be so generous?
And obviously, the elephant in the room:

Sunday/BH premiums: I've said before, we're now all at the position of feeling extremely grateful if Tesco keep it and don't cut it - this is partly the fault of the majority of our competitors having ditched theirs.

However, what I am most frustrated about is the "generous deal" that DCs got when they were able to threaten strike action at Christmas - didn't that include paid breaks as well as 6%+ payrise, and backdated?

All in all, I think there is much that Tesco could do to give us a "generous pay review" (other than the obvious one which would be to increase base pay to £12.50 (which won't happen!)) - but based on the last few pay reviews and also the false publicity that Tesco spout about them leads me to think that it will be another lost opportunity when we get the announcement. 

Night Owl

Our Store USDAW rep told me this morning all reps are on a zoom call Thursday about the Pay Review.
Though he is a bit of a know it all, full of his own perceived importance!!!

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