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colleagues card

Started by helpme, 21-01-22, 02:09AM

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Duff McKagan

Was your 35 year service continuous or did you leave at any point?

Still here

continuous for my sins!

Duff McKagan

I can't see why you weren't given your discount for life then. I would certainly be getting on to the company about that


@still here id chase it up,to be honest its whether retirement means of retirement age or not
Tesco Finest Karma,best served bent over💩


I seem to remember there is a form to fill out when leaving the company which states what code to use on the system to active retirement with card for life, I may be wrong and I would certainly go down this route at first, but your manager  on your exit interview should have known this.


Please do not quote immediately prior post(s).   Admin.

Exit interview 🤣🤣 I gave my 6 months notice for retirement dropped down to 4 shifts/ got paid for 5 on my last shift clocked out and went home like any other shift. Nobody even acknowledged me that they had received my retirement notice 6 months before not even my manager who we only saw once every blue moon anyway. Never had any meetings about retiring,no exit interview not even bye thanks from the store.  Got a plaque, gift card and Club card for life from head office. Just shows how much the store appreciated 35 years of service, I was disgusted.


Sorry admin I thought that was how you reply to someone! I'm Not very technically minded 😬


My guess is that although you have chosen to retire, the Normal Minimum Pension Age (NMPA) is 55 & therefore as you are not legally able to draw down on a pension Tesco have decided that you have merely quit rather than retired.


aye as farmerfred said "You can choose to retire any time after you're 55. There's no automatic retirement age. Your Manager will not make an assumption you are retiring if you are over this age and they will check your leaving reason with you."

that's what comes up on the colleague help, so if you go before then, I guess they count it as resignation since your not deemed retirement age / ill health retirement.


If anything comes of this thread, it is this, do not expect the company to do everything for you. If you are retiring/leaving, ask for all the information regarding the route you are taking. For you, you've 'retired' at 53, by the looks of it, your manager has decided you've 'resigned' from your position.
I personally think you'd have a hard time proving you 'retired' without significant paperwork to show how you left the company.

Still here

Thank you for the replies...very much appreciated.


I am being made redundant on the 29th April after 28.5 years service. I find it unfair that i will not keep my card after this lenght of service as i am only 47 yeras old. But someone slightly older but less service gets to keep theres!!!! I know this wont change but who can i email just to vent my frustration on this???


I will email head office the big man himself! I sent him a message over something completely different than this and was surprised to get a very nice reply.


Retirement is from the age of 55 not 53 that's why you haven't got Clubcard for life.
You've basically just left the company

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