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Forced permanent flex up/change of hours

Started by Prince of Darkness, 23-08-22, 01:55PM

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Prince of Darkness

I'm a Team Support in a superstore. Until six weeks ago I was working four fixed shifts ea week including 0500-1400 on Saturdays. I requested to drop this shift in writing and this was verbally accepted although it appears it's not be actioned on W&P. I've not worked that Saturday shift since, and until today nothing was said that suggested it had not been formalised.
My manager wants to re-structure TS shifts following a full timer's resignation and is suggesting that he will flex me up from my 21 hours to include Saturday again. I'm on a post 2004 flexi contract which my rep says gives him a free hand. I currently do two middle shifts and one early. I don't want to do more hours and I really don't want to be contracted to work on Saturdays.
What are my options?


You're saying he said "suggesting", so say no.


Best to see how you have been coded for those Saturdays, also from October I think that flex contracts are no more, correct me someone if I am wrong.


Think flex still continues, as they get first dibs on OT, as for dropping Saturday you normally have  to sign a change of hours form, then it's signed off by store manager.  If there's no team  support doing Saturday AM who  would do it? from a business sense.
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Can you just request to drop anyday you want?  Is it in the policies anywhere?


You can request any day you want...but they don't have to accommodate if it leaves the department undermanned. The only day they have to accommodate is a Sunday opt out request.
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Flexi contracts still exist. As such you need to show some flexibility.


Just put down your availability as your hours you currently do, flexi's are supposed to have "availability meetings" a month in advance, to plan their shifts (Which is honestly never done), and usually just done by 24 hours to 3 days notice, which isn't acceptable..

Weekly changes are reasonable, however both are supposed to be able to agree that plans are often made and both colleague and management are supposed to be flexible in their resolve to work on the shifts.

Under a week's notice is not reasonable and you can happily refuse as it's not correct procedure.

If you've requested it in writing, bring it up again if it is your contracted day, if it's not a contracted day, then only your contracted days are what you should be on working with extra hours up to you based on.. you guessed it.. Your Availability Form. so update it and say your not available due to other commitments would be my way, to be honest.


Quote from: Redshoes on 24-08-22, 08:58AMFlexi contracts still exist. As such you need to show some flexibility.

Tesco soon will bring in flexible contracts where you will work different hours different days occurding to them.I already work with 1 person who is on flexible contract who works morning afternoons evenings nights. He also isn't paid for premium in the nights.


There is training just now about the next phase of the online platform we use for viewing overtime etc. You will soon be able to adjust your availability online and even book holidays. You won't be able to reduce availability online as this will still require a face to face meeting but you can change it, it reads like it's aimed at temp changes. Like students who can flex up outside of term time and temp changes for working parents. If you go to the training site and search for r3 you will find it.

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