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24-02-24, 07:12PM

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Pandemics & Tesco's policy

Started by Orangutan, 24-02-20, 09:51AM

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Hi all, sorry this is quite urgent as have meeting today. I have a colleague who is currently on maternity suspension. They have notified us of their maternity start date but they have requested to change this date? Are they able to do so please? I have read in the maternity policy about 28 days notice but wasn't sure if there was something else in place for the pandemic? I assume the normal maternity policy is still live!


So two colleagues from our store were off with Covid a few weeks ago, both have received lets talks on their return, apparently its in the "covid policy" and everyone who is off with covid receives one on return

Can anyone confirm this?


Nope should be the covid return to work paperwork filled out not a lets talk
Do not let anyone tell you there is not a decent job and life beyond Tesco.


Quote from: penguin on 13-12-21, 07:18PM
Nope should be the covid return to work paperwork filled out not a lets talk

Yeah they had that as well


Not a normal return so normal paperwork does not apply


They've told me All it said in the let's talk was make sure to maintain social distancing


You should ask them to demonstrate how to 'maintain social distancing' in a supermarket in the week leading up to Xmas  >:D


Easy...every time someone gets within 2 metres, move away to a safe distance. Customers leaning over you or invading your space, you walk away, until you feel you can maintain the social distance required. "Only doing what I was told Guv"  ;)
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Yeah do what I did and still do, i work on an aisle myself now just cause they kept putting me with others and I just kept keeping my distance and not doing much work, the more they come the more they get less from me 😂


i think if there is a lockdown of non essential retail  then the supermarkets should not be allowed to open  boxing day as people will see this as an oppertunity to see others in a store and croud control will be non existent.

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