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Hi all. This week some of us dotcom drivers were given a letter advising us that an overpayment will be clawed back in this week's pay. First though we had to sign to agree. This didn't happen as agreed. I signed, but more was taken. Another driver...

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This topic has been merged into New contracts .

Surrey mum vows never to shop at Tesco again after 'finding plastic in bacon'

QuoteThe mum contacted Tesco and asked for a refund, but was told the only way that would be possible would be to bring the bacon into the store herself to get her money back.

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I have been told the new contract you have to give half your contract hours in availability, I am full time, so if I wanted to drop a day I would go on to the new contract and old end up working more hours rather than less? Does anyone have any information...

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Just wondering if any official news about 2023 pay review yet?

There's rumours about it being £11 hour but also rumours Sunday premiums (especially for those like me who do them as overtime) will be scrapped.

Not heard anything official yet so wondering if anyone else has?Read More

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