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Do You Know..

Team Leaders cannot do holiday bookings or reviews, only managers

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Just out of interest, when the career average DB scheme closed in 2015 - what were the contributions for both employee and employer at the time?

Anyone know how to work out banked holiday entitlement owed from a 1998 contract?

So looks like that all superstore team managers are set to follow the express example and become shift leaders for less pay..
NO TEAM Manager vacancies online, these were pulled before Christmas, stores must be at or below structure in some areas, and over in others, why isn't the policy being followed through to move managers- because something else is coming!Read More

I have been on c&c a few times recently and been docked for breaks i did not get, and its so difficult getting it corrected that im considering stopping helping to do any hours past where a break would be due, does anyone know with 100% certainty how long van you go on c and c before a break is due and how long it should be for.Read More

Could someone advise me. My husband sadly died 4 days after he retired on his birthday last week. He was 66 and that meant he qualified for the privilege card for life as he had worked enough years. Will I get this benefit passed down to me or does it make a difference that he was actually retired when he died albeit only for those 4 days. Many thanksRead More

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