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Do You Know..

reps legally can speak in a meeting with managers on your behalf.

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Have a look at above table and share your thoughts....

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Hi, Our store has taken a couple of fake and outdated notes, by mistake obviously. Our manager has decided to inform her team via a group whattsApp message group, she's posted photos of the offending notes accompanied by a picture of the till lift...

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Good evening,

What's the process surrounding overtime and leaving a shift early? Am asking on behalf of a colleague who's gotten it in the neck from a TM because they've been finishing a couple of hours early as their job on the department is done.



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I work an early shift 05.00 - 12.00 AM, usually filling non food isles (Toys, Home care, etc). For the past 5 - 6 years I have always listened to music in one ear while filling for the first few hours until customers usually start coming in. A new manager...

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Well not the best of results for the end if the year. I hope after all the hard work we have all put in they don't start making 1000s redundant. But this is tesco

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