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Do You Know..

Holidays can be booked as single days as well as whole weeks.

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I noticed this last year but didn't pay much attention. I used to have 8 days a year holiday plus my personal day (only work a Sunday now 4hrs after break) - been with the company 35 years last year. I wasn't told about the holidays changing...

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Does anyone know what a temporary arrangements meeting is?

A lot of colleagues are noticing the occasional 15 minute deduction on their wage slips. These are always coded "Unpaid Leave Retro 0.25 hours"

Does anyone have any insight as to what this is for?
Some of us are theorising it may be being applied for clocking-in exceptions??Read More

Does anyone know how long a store can keep you after agreeing a transfer? Manager is saying he can't release me until middle of February cause of holidays but that seems a long time


Does anyone know when the new structure for express stores which were former metro stores happen? For example in express stoess they ahbr no night shift fill during fresh during the day and grocery during the evening.1 manager and few shift leaders.



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