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I'm a TS in a SS. Tesco Till really is the most poorly implemented rollout I have seen in the business.

It doesn't have the features of the old system such as split card payments, Christmas savers (though these are promised..) it crashes and then we can not tell if a card payment has been taken - I am sure we have erred on the side of the customer and given them in some cases hundreds of pounds of shopping for nothing, just taking a coupon for a newspaper is a faff and yet the business has let it out to almost the whole Extra and SS estate (is it in Express?) with far too many holes in it.Read More

Hello as many of you expected Tesco is has decided to cut down staff numbers in the following places. Nights there will be no more nights in an few more stores. Secondly pharmacy workers a few pharmacy will be closing down which is surprising to many. And finally managers. Here is the full texts from our tesco.Read More

Just wondering if all stores get the pep talk beforehand about how great Tesco are and how wonderful your store is?

Amongst other laughable plus points are how we've already received 2 pay rises amounting to more than 8% and how our jobs and wages remained secure during covid lockdown. We also still get told that colleague discount should be added to our wages to show how much we really get paid!Read More

In many former metro stores turned express they still have multiple managers like when they did when it was metro. How long until they remove these managers and structure them into how Express stores run where they only have 1 manager. Also with the new...

Read More

This extra hours market is proving to be very unfair. How many times a day must people check the app? Potentially one person can select every bit of overtime. This is what's happening in our store, some don't get a look in. One staff.member is...

Read More

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