Hi,I'm due back on Monday after isolating due to being covid positive,  do I need to do another test before I go back? I've got a pack of lateral flow tests so that's not a problem.

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Do we still Get paid for isolating?

OK but confused. My colleagues said they feel sorry for me. As I'm only. Contracted to 7 hours so that means I won't get sick pay when I was off work.

But my manager (although great person, often makes mistakes so not sure to believe it no...

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New law concerning care homes. How will it effect Dot Com delivery’s?

I’m concerned about how Tesco will comply with this new law. Will it be a wedge to force the Jab on Dot com drivers or will they find a compromise?

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July the 19th

So, have Tesco decided on what’s happening with staff and customers wearing face coverings from July the 19th?

Will things stay the same or not?

Or will they in typical Tesco fashion, make it up on the day?

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Difficulty accessing online pay slip

Anyone else having problems accessing your online payslip despite asking for help.

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