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Annual review

Started by Mark calloway, 20-05-22, 08:42PM

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Mark calloway

Can you appeal an annual review? A colleague has got a "miss" on their review but some of the stuff the manager is saying is utter rubbish.  There's so much backstabbing on our dept it's scary.


I havent had 1 for years,as most havent on our night team,maybe that explains the what matters to you survey in our store,im sure your still have to sign it,so if they disagreed with it ,have tjey signed it,plus if its a miss there should be clear/achievable next steps/training plan with time frames and follow up reviews or its not worth the paper its printed on
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Who cares - it a tuppenny-ha'penny dead end job. The way they carry on, anyone would think you've landed the opportunity of a lifetime. Binmen get paid more than us.

Mark calloway

Some of us care. We take pride in our work.


with the new one its manager, then a group of managers i believe to go over to be "fairer" so probably would be more targetive lol

thor god of thunder

management are not going to want to sign mine. we have to have one pretty soon as we are having a management swap around so store manager wants everyone doing. its going to be hilarious to be honest.


To answer your question, yes you can appeal a review.

I have had colleagues appeal reviews before, unfortunately for them there was lots of paperwork supporting the decision.

Your managers manager will hear the appeal.


But if you refuse to sign it, as all reviews go to the store manager to sign off, it automatically will come back as unsigned and the store manager will want to know why ???
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All depends really -  did you sign the initial review? If you did, the store manager and the business could accept that signature as confirmation that the review is accurate and you are happy with the contents.
If, however, you have evidence to support that you were 'marked down' in error then I would arrange a meeting and then present.


There are three parts to the review. Was it one part that was a miss or did it balance out on an overall miss. If it's just one part with an overall met it's probably less of an issue.


What's a review??? Not had one for years or any other meeting!!!


I seem to remember it's where a manager tells you if you're s*** at the job or not, can't remember to be fair it's been years since my manager come out of the office! I'm not actually sure they work with Tesco?


Quote from: Redshoes on 24-05-22, 11:13AM
There are three parts to the review. Was it one part that was a miss or did it balance out on an overall miss. If it's just one part with an overall met it's probably less of an issue.

You're wearing rose tinted glasses again, the "review" process, whenever it is conducted... is measured on "how" and "what", my flatmate was forced to step down despite having all blues on the big 6 and given a miss/miss, on the same foot, a convenience Store Manager who's been on long term sick who's been long term friends with the AM has been given a met/met despite having 2 ambers and 4 reds.

The ultimate discretion is at AM level/SS SM level, if he/she/they likes you, you're a met, if there's a personality clash, it's a miss.

Tesco is too big to fail and as such, senior management (past Convenience SM level) can review how they please, completely disregarding the KPIs, MST results and big 6 if they have to, it is as it's always been and is as it shall always be.

Tesco is too big to fail, Tesco has time and again seen fit to stick its oar in on extra-retail matters, specifically around business taxation and other governmental affairs, they know full well the stranglehold they have on the UK and know that the MPs and PM have to afford a certain level of respect because of how influential Tesco is to UK GDP.


I still work for the company. I don't work in a poorly run store as it seems you used to do with abysmal managers that don't manage and breach confidentiality continually. I don't have rose tinted glasses, I just feel that if you hate the company as much as you do that you should move on. Who wants to live with that toxic amount of hatred in their system, life is too short for that. I have good days and bad days in work. I have days when I wish I never have to go back but they are not all like that. I just feel that it is what it is and I can cope with it. As soon as it gets toxic I move on and when I do I will move on in full and stay in contact with friend but I will no longer follow things like this forum. I don't see the point after leaving the company. You can only give second hand accounts and policy and procedures move on so fast you are very soon out of touch.
I do reviews and I judge people on performance. Going into a review you should have no shocks. If there is part of your performance that is an issue you should already know about it. We don't wait for annual reviews to bring things up. One reason we do let's talks, there is documented evidence should review be appealed.


Those who work for the company or any thinking of doing so are entitled to be prewarned of what they are getting in to by those who have experienced it, and working for this company is rarely a bed of roses.

To many managers trying to be more than they are, and incapable of being what they think they should be, and take it out on staff.
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The regional economy also seems to play a big part in the experience of employees I find, where I live, a Store Managers salary is enough to live pay check to pay check in a studio flat every month, a lot of store managers in my area are therefore kids in their late teens or early twenties living with their parents, recruiters are having a hard time recruiting experienced people into these positions because they simply don't pay enough for the area they're in.

A uniform wage policy is a very unfair policy, £10.10 is enough to live comfortably up north, but in my area where £7 is the average price of a pint and with people on £30k a year who are homeless and dependent on food banks, is it any wonder why they can't hire non-students.


I had a review done by a manager who only worked with my team as cover for a month. They passed everyone because even the manager knew it was a joke they had to do it.


@Nightandday wow, £7 for a average price of a pint!  That is the cost of a piece of fish up North, and we cant afford that!!!


night and day you live in a rip off area.  I would never step foot in a pub that charged such extortionate prices.


It's absolutely criminal, what's funny is that I live in one of the parts of the UK that's more expensive than London, and only 1 or 2 stores in the area gets the home counties premium, the rest of the stores get the same pay as places up north where it's £3 a pint .


After all the years service as a manager I have been given 0 with cost of petrol now not sure how I will be able to get to work, not sure if this is right but if you are heading for a miss surely they should be reviewing us in the lead up to an end of year review with support meetings ?


My question to your boss would be why did you wait till my end of year review to tell you you were a miss?

A proper review shouldn't be a surprise and if you are going to grade someone as failing they should be aware in advance that that is where they are heading....and given help/advice to improve.


I bet that managers manager got a miss then, they need to query where was the coaching from their senior, why has no lets talks been done.  I actually had a slanging match with a senior in my review and walked out, he wasn't my lead as we didn't have one, he tried to turn his failings onto me, never accepted his responsibility to failing KPI,s.
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