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Started by Twinkeltoes1, 10-05-22, 06:29PM

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I see it has been reported that Iceland are helping their staff by increasing the staff discount from 10 to 15% to help out with increasing prices, wonder if our illustrious company will keep it at 15% during the crisis.


Two hopes - and I think Slim has just left town.

Tesco had the opportunity to do that with our amazing pay deal - but didn't take that opportunity. In fact, they reduced the discount on the cafe - so overall, the actual discount offer was made worse - albeit offset for the bigger spenders/bigger families with an increase (long long overdue) in the discount annual limit.

Tesco are still plotting this delusional line of "they offer low prices" anyway - I'm getting tired of their "Aldi price match" - given that it's only on a small % of overall product range - and that they seem to have picked items that Aldi regularly increase the price on!!!

And their adverts for "feed the family for £4.34 (or whatever it is)" by buying all these "value brands" - great!!

A politician came out with much the same rhethoric - families should switch to value ranges to deal with the cost of living crisis - almost like the prices of value ranges do not increase (apart from cat litter of course increasing recently from £1.55 to £2)

And also quite demeaning to people - as if people on extremely tight budgets had never thought of down-branding - chances are that even before the "cost of living crisis" they were buying these brands anyway - simply to avoid the need to visit food banks.

Sorry- I'm veering away - but to sum up, not a hope of Tesco extending our 15% for any extended period of time.


Tesco chairman John Allan said on a Radio 4 programme, that he had witnessed customers asking the checkout operators to stop scanning once they've reached their spend limit!
He then goes on to blame the energy companies on their price hikes, and wants the windfall tax implemented!!

So the price of diesel is up...the prices on energy to run the company business is up...the effects of global trading, and food supply shortages is up...this is immediately passed on to the customer in higher prices to maintain profits and keep the shareholders happy, but the customers aren't spending enough because they've got no money, which apparently is all the fault of the greedy energy suppliers!!!

I applaud the Aldi advertisement which ridicules Tesco price comparison match on SOME of their products!

If Tesco hierarchy want to compare themselves to Aldi perhaps start by looking at their trading model, they'd see the top tier of managers is uneconomical. Store and team managers should do away with their 'phones permanently held with one hand, stuck to their ear, whilst leaning on the nearest fixture! They should all be donning the headset's and use both hands WORKING THE STOCK!
Do away with huddle meetings every couple hours, in which 10 minutes is wasted waiting for everyone to arrive, and a further 30 minutes discussing what they could easily have done over their headsets whilst WORKING THE STOCK!
Do away with hour rumble ( twice a day at my old store ) and just continually WORK THE STOCK throughout the day!
Remove the senior teams on their overinflated salaries and ego's, and replace with shop floor workers, on better pay, who do everything and just get on with it...they don't need a manager to tell them how to suck eggs!!!

And for the record, I don't mind queuing at a checkout, I don't mind stepping around a big cardboard box whilst they fill, ( and are available to assist if needed) and I don't care if the shelves look haphazard and aren't faced up!! I'm there because I want my hard earned cash to feed my family at the best price, not to pay over the odds, only to be left to self serve at the end!!  >:(
Live for today. Learn from yesterday.


lucgeo, yes yes and yes  :thumbup:
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It's better to be up in arms than down on your knees.


I thought that's why they scrapped a load of managers lol. You are right you never see some of the managers even now getting their jackets off to fill the shop always on their phones even now there are half as many of them.


For tesco staff, to help from this economic situation in daily life, is not to ask the company an increase of discount, but shop somewhere else that cheaper even after discount, get cheap stuff or freebies on tesco as pay day supplement.

Tesco ceo and director got no saying about energy prices hike got to do with they can't sell cheap.
The strategy of aldi price match is one of the stupidest marketing strategy I ever known in my life. Why dont make a shuttle bus from tesco shop straight to aldi front door then.

The worst is there are no new business model that implemented. Still tweaking the old system that so inefficient that goes nowhere. I dont even have to talk about managerial system, just look at the selling strategy alone, moving goods from distribution to the shelf, let alone knowing some trick some supplier used to make a force selling".

Simple thing but if their knowledge is stuck in the 80's and 90's retail psychology and treat it as a holly words that have to be done to the dot, what can we expect from that? More cutting benefit and increase workload for sure.


Company are full of BS one week they are talking of the record profits and the next they are talking about trying to help those struggling to buy basic essentials. Never thought I'd be able to get some products cheaper at the local newsagent. With costs on the rise across the board more will disappear to Aldi and Lidl never to set foot in Tesco again. Can see Tesco going like WH Smith.


Are the discounters really cheaper than Tesco? I usually do a big shop for the month on payday weekend so 15% surely Aldi and Lidl can't be cheaper than 15%


It will depend on what you actually buy.
If you always buy branded products then yes they are more than 15% cheaper, however if you only buy Tesco products then no they are not in my experience, then you have to factor in their product sizes are sometimes smaller too.

Then theres the whole debate about whether their products last as long too, again in my experience their fresh food goes off quicker too, however I do prefer there bake off products.

Some people swear that their products taste better than branded but others don't.
Best advice is try them for yourself and let yourself and family decide.


The increase in discount allowance only really affects people who spend a heck of a lot anyway? 1,500 would be £15k over the year spend at tesco... (or ok lower if some spent at 15% time).


Good news for senior management and directors!!

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