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National Living Wage set to rise to £9.50 an hour

The BBC just published the minimum wage rising to £9.50 in the budget, giving a 6.6% increase over the current minimum. This would mean Tesco employees on the base rate would be virtually on minimum wage. Will Tesco be raising currently pay rates to match the percentage increase?

Chances of Tesco giving us a 6.5% pay rise (particularly from April 2022) are a big fat ZERO.

Clearly, Tesco (and other retailers and other businesses in low pay industries, e.g. hospitality) will need to adhere to these new levels - but I'm sure some creative thinking will be needed - and we all know, as far as store staff are concerned, that Tesco still have the Sunday/BH premium up their sleeve - other retailers have more or less got rid of that already.

As usual, Tesco may announce ......or agree with Usdaw as part of pur collective bargaining agreement.......that our base rate will increase to £10 per hour - but again delayed until the Autumn of 2022 - so a carrot to hope to retain staff - particularly for the busy Christmas period - and perhaps the time will be right to announce the end of Sunday premium - but probably not until the middle of 2023 - so again a little carrot to keep us happy for a few more months.

Paupers wage:
The biggest and most profitable supermarket paying 5 pence above the minimum wage, yet had the opportunity to increase it to £10 per hour matching Morrisons hourly rate, agencies now paying over £10.50+ days £17+ an hour nights filling Tesco’s main rival supermarket shelves, good job we have THE usdaw partnership on our side!

If the big 6 section of staff recommends tosco as a great place to work and shop isn't something that worries the  hiarchy which it isn't don't hold your breathe.A bit like a SM constantly saying we don't need anymore staff and then pissing his pants when he's got to work because we haven't.

Don't worry everyone I'm sure when the minimum wages goes up and some at Tesco are close to said minimum wages the old line about the benefits being worth so much per hour will get wheeled out again.


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