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Hi I started my holidays last monday. Night shift. I had covid symptoms Monday morning booked a test and I am positive. My covid note says I have to isolate from Monday. But work have said I cant cancel my holidays. My holiday didn't start until 11pm on that Monday. I been advised I should get my holidays back. As isolation stared before my holidays started at 11pm.  Any advice

I have known some of my colleagues ring in and say they should be on holiday but are sick and their holidays have been changed to sick! Others have been sick but couldn’t afford to lose money and have asked for holidays but have been refused as the manager has said sick is sick and holiday is holiday. They can’t have it both ways surely……

In my store if you test positive and your on holiday it's your holiday that get used. We got told this in January before that it was sick. Also if you had to isolate and was on holiday the holiday still stands. This rule changed in January too. I know the rules have changed now around isolation if you've been double jabbed so that doesn't matter any more.

But my holiday hadn't started. I had to isolate on the Monday. But I work night shift. So i started my isolation before my shift even started.

If you notified them of your sickness, before your contracted starting time, then it should get classed as sick!

If you were a day colleague and you were due to start your shift at 6 am but phoned in at 11.30 pm the previous night sick…then you would be classed as sick and they would cancel your holiday, because the sick call date and holiday date differed, even though you have only given 6 hours notice!

Because the Covid test states the same day as your holiday start day, is irrelevant in this case, as to do so would be treating you differently to day shift colleagues, causing you a detriment! This is what you and your rep should be pushing on your return!

On this Covid note, does it state the time of test? Not that it should make a big difference to the fact that you called in to state isolation with accompanying proof of test BEFORE your holiday commencement!


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