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Do You Know..

if your break gets interrupted it resets to the beginning again. So if you get called off of your hour break after fifteen minutes to tip a wagon you restart the hour not the remaining 45 minutes.

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Who else is getting sick of delivering and only being told during the delivery (not at the start) that the customer is covid positive, tesco taking no sufficient action to ensure customer make us aware before tesco take their order. Duty of care...

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Good evening,

Out of interest are other stores being told they are 'over contracted' and that overtime is pretty much non existent unless a department is 'green' on hours?

I guess this is nothing new but just curious as to what ...

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I know a driver (not me), who is up for disciplinary for delivering to a test purchaser over 18 for not asking for i.d. however the driver did assess this purchaser at the door using think 25 and in the drivers opinion thought this person was within...

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I’m asking this for a colleague who recently returned from sick, due to the reason for being sick they require adjustments to be made but after making this clear to 3 managers over a week later they still haven’t been sat down to start the process, c...

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I think they have shrunk, or they just come up short!
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